"The bill would create a new 10-member Fast Food Council with equal numbers of delegates representing workers and employers, along with two state officials, empowered to set minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions in California.

The council would have authority over chains with more than 100 locations nationwide, and would be able to set wages as high as $22 per hour next year, with cost of living increases thereafter."

@YoungBlood @Debradelai But it says it has power over the chains nationwide. How exactly?


New McDonalds menu item:

The McGimme: Double-decker cow pies with rotten tomatoes and jerk sauce on a sourdough bun.

You want calf fries with that?



Before long, California will have no fast food chains to go with their electric vehicles that they are prohibited from plugging in.


Look at the bright side,

Florida will now have In-n-Out burgers.

@RonOgletree —In-N-Out is a great chain, surpassing McDonalds in quality of food and service.

If that deal goes through, I hope they’ll start opening stores in other states along the East coast.



We've got In-N-Out in Texas but it's no competition with Whataburger!

@RonOgletree @Debradelai

@Teneseo —We have a Whatabuger! about 10 minutes away from my house.

I heard it was good. Haven’t eaten there yet.

@RonOgletree @Debradelai

A design for how to work yourself out of a job, raise the cost of living, raise your union dues, raise unemployment, shut down businesses, raise taxes, make people dependent on the gov't... just what this fascist government (current administration) wants... it's easier to control fewer businesses, more people in need you can now control by threat of loss of basic human needs... brought to you by the help of your union dues, leftist voters, Covid fear craze and mail in voting.

@MEMA @Debradelai
"it's easier to control fewer businesses, more people in need you can now control by threat of loss of basic human needs"
That's a fallacy given that people adapt to those conditions and will become less dependent.
Blackmarket becomes dominant.
This has all been tried and failed.
Stupid Communist

@Debradelai wouldn't be surprised if they did something similar for "rent control".


Every time this topic comes up, I notice more self- order/check out counters seem to pop up, and fewer and fewer workers.

@Janeod2013 @Debradelai

It's not an unintended consequence on their part.

Everything they do along these lines makes erstwhile lower wage earners unemployable. Nullify their competitiveness by force-pricing them out of the market. Squeeze them out entirely, and make them perpetually dependent on whatever doles they concoct.


This bullet point jumped out:

"Labor and union advocates praised the bill as a watershed moment for workers"

No, it's a watershed moment for the union bosses to line their pockets even more.

@BrendaJean —And it’s going to literally shed plenty of jobs.

CA’s unemployment rolls will only get longer. And the tax base will continue to be depleted as more vacant buildings litter the landscape.



No one who is against this new policy has the nerve to say that McDonald's workers are simply not worth $22 an hour.

I don't blame them - it would go terribly for them if they said it.


It's not a policy. It's a Fascist Corporation.

And, yes, McDonald's workers aren't worth more than 3 bucks an hour. Being generous.

@Debradelai @Julie
They've pretty much priced Teenagers out of the job market to create positions for Stupid Adults and Work release Prisoners.

@DeWalt @Debradelai @Julie

I found it interesting that they were creating those subsidized work programs for the mentally impaired while young strong adults were sitting on the couch in their parents basements. Now this is what we have. IT's okay because we all know that the deltas are good at some things -A Brave New World.

@Donjanusgjrdrm @Debradelai @Julie
The Mentally impaired no longer work for McDonalds.
The majority work for the DNC.

@Debradelai @Julie

Damn. Another one who's blocked me. I have no idea what was said. 😂

You can always tell who the anti-vaxxers are. They block me.

@umad80 @Debradelai @Julie

Automation will do away with the easy stuff. The one employee left to run the food line will have to do everything. Including fending off the attackers and calling 911.

I once went into a burger joint and they had bullet proof windows between the counter and that was in West LA 10+ years ago.

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