Doctors, experts and chief of police...

Fallacy ad verecundiam to justify the elimination of a civil right.

Every Fascist dictator in every country has invoked a similar fallacy when it came to reduce and eventually cancel citizens rights

Canada is gone. (Not that it was ever free)

@Debradelai @EarlThePearls

And the audience applauds the losing of their rights to protect themselves and their families like a colony of trained seals 😏

@Debradelai @EarlThePearls

A freeze seems to imply that it's not permanent. And is introducing legislation the same as it being passed? I hope Canada doesn't expect us to protect them against anything.

@Wendy @EarlThePearls

No. It isn't. Now, in a parliamentarian system, when the majority introduces a bill it generally goes on to become the law.

The libtards are certain they have the votes.

And, I must say, the fucking assholes do expect us to defend them.

@Debradelai @EarlThePearls

So if they like their freeze, they can keep their freeze, looks like.

I don't recall where we've actually had to defend them from their enemies; they seem to prefer to let them through into their bosom, much like what we are doing at the moment.

@Wendy @EarlThePearls

Your recollection is irrelevant.

We actually went to war with the fuckers a few times.

Now, what do you think would happen if we detected a missile going towards Toronto?

Right. I thought so.

@Debradelai @EarlThePearls

Here's what would happen: Biden would mistake Toronto for a city in America. Then he would withdraw all military equipment and personnel. Then Toronto would get hit by the missile. The media in both countries would not report it.

Is that what you were thinking too?

@Wendy @EarlThePearls

Biden does not enter into it.

I'm tired and don't have time for bullcrap.

Maybe some other day.

Today, the missile is joining a Q-tard Trump train and going to la-la land.

@Wendy @Debradelai @EarlThePearls

It goes to the house to be debated, but will %100 pass because liberals have a majority and if a member of parliament does not vote party lines they get booted from cabinet and party.

Freeze means permanent until another govt removes the laws which is unlikely.

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