It was THE conversation in 2006 growing up to full proximity in 2013. Bees were disappearing at a rate of 40% per year!

Then they didn't. Now there are billions of the busy insects and nobody knows what causes Colony Collapse Disorder any more than they did ten years ago, but the number of bees in the world keep...wait for it...GROWING.

It's all in who you ask.

just don't ask Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.


Funny isn't it that the more methods of communication created, the more loony Chicken-Little-The-Sky-Is-Falling stories seem to appear..

I wonder if they were probably always around, but localized and not well spread.. e.g. "Ol Harold's spinning up another one of them yarns again...don't give him any mind.."

But now we have the internet and more TV channels than brain cells and the silliness spreads like an oil-spill on the Atlantic..


@Debradelai @Donjanusgjrdrm Yes. I watch quite a few beekeeping channels and some of them have talked a bit about this. Nobody knows, research still ongoing, but lessons have been learned about maintaining healthy bees and proper treatment schedules.

@Debradelai @Donjanusgjrdrm I smell a Jesuit, ha. Interesting, particularly the point that too many honeybees shouldn't be a goal. These guys like to chew on my roses.

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