Just realised, as I was looking at a Fauci photo, he looks like he could be a Jesuit.
So I had a look and......

Father Lahart on Fauci.

. “Today, we also can all take pride that the man who is probably the most trusted person in the United States is a graduate of a Jesuit high school and a Jesuit college. He takes great pride in his Jesuit education, and as he proudly professes, it has formed his life and his career.”


2. looking further, checking Biden's early school years to see if
was he also had a Jesuit influence in the background.
I found this:
<SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — The Jesuit priest who presided over an inaugural Mass for President Joe Biden is under investigation for unspecified allegations and is on leave from his position as president of Santa Clara University in Northern California, according to a statement from the college's board of trustees.>

3. and another article.
excerpt:< MARTIN: Well, he started off the day with Mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral with a friend of his, Kevin O'Brien, a Jesuit. He had a Jesuit priest, Leo O'Donovan, do the invocation. He sprinkled, as you said, Catholic references. It really is part of who he is. I don't think you can separate Joe Biden from his Catholic faith. So it's - that's part of his life.>

4. Australian Jesuit educated politicians, and this article lists a few, both left and right.
< Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten and Barnaby Joyce, as well as Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne, were educated at elite private high schools run by the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits – the same Catholic order to which the recently appointed Pope Francis I belongs. The representation of Jesuit-educated politicians in the Australian political scene is disproportionately high.>

I have just been musing, ' wondering if today' s political happenings worldwide have a common historical religous thread , and seeing Fauci and making the Jesuit connection , I went looking.
Somewhere in there, I see that Rome has not forgotten Henry v111 .
These things go for centuries.

finis for now.



No. They have not forgotten at all.

Alas, from Fidel Castro to Kavanaugh, Fauci to Biden, the influence of Jesuit educated world leaders transcends party affiliation, but all subscribe to the same brand of collectivism

No institution is more dangerous to the future of Anerica than Georgetown University.

For them, the wars of the Holly Alliance have just begun.

Thanks for the extra information.

I am endeavouring to get to the bottom of it as best I can, and Fauci has been at the centre of some of the stuff I have been looking at , then the thought flashed in out of nowhere. "jesuit" and off I went bringing up some of my earlier enquiries in this area, in particular the rise of the Catholic politicians in Australia.
Also the current covert attacks on the British monarchy, via the wayward spares, Andrew and Harry.
And I wonder...Henry V111?

Searching Georgetown University, I see that Bill Clinton features.
(Explains to me why I thought he might be a Catholic.)
Former President of the United States Bill Clinton is a 1968 graduate of the School of Foreign Service, while President Lyndon Baines Johnson attended Georgetown Law for a semester in 1934.

I am seeing the Catholic connections now, the alignments or reverance almost, to the Pope and the Vatican.

re "No. They have not forgotten at all."
excerpt:< “This mission has lasted 500 years. Jesuit education has seen plagues, recessions, wars. I know we will get through this.”>

500 years fits with Henry V111, and also Luther's theses.

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