On Conspiracy Theories and Echo Chambers

A few weeks ago I encountered a 1-hour-long video call ``Monopoly - Who Owns the World?'' by a guy named Tim Gielen.

My natural curiosity sent me to watch it, and it started in a very interesting manner - looking at share holders of companies (at least on screen, I haven't verified the data myself, so it could be completely wrong).

It ended up with the general Great Reset theory, which, needless to say, I don't believe.


The initial part fell on fertile ground for me:

I live in Israel. Everything here is extremely expensive. And the main reason for it is centralization - very few companies own the vast majority of the products sold in practically all supermarkets.

And the video is well-done, in the sense that is rather persuasive (to people who never heard of this before, at least), and leads the viewer gently to their desired aim.

This led me to think - why are conspiracy theories so attractive?


One answer is that people look for explanations for what they see around them, and when they find the official ones insufficient, they turn to alternatives.

Another one, to which I can personally attest, is that it's a great feeling to believe that you're part of a very small group who sees something important that all the others miss.

I had this feeling until Jan 20th, where I was sure until the last minute that Trump will prevail and be sworn in on Jan 20th, 2021.


I neither edit nor delete my toots here, so anyone can see what I wrote at the time to understand my mindset (including a Quo Warranto toot on Jan 19th).

The fall to reality that day was pretty painful. I also made bets with several people about this, based on how I interpreted things by @ThomasWic and others. I lost these bets, of course.

To be clear - these bets were MY mistake, and I don't blame anyone else but me for doing it. I should have interpreted things better.


But the feeling before was great - I felt like a member of a selected few (essentially Quods 🙂) who see through the bullshit that blinds everyone else.

I bet conspiracy theorists in general live on that feeling.

I also admit that I like to occasionally delve into writings about such theories, because it interests me to see how far people can go.

Doing it for some time now, I can filter it easily, and not let these readings make me BELIEVE anything that I find unrealistic.


Two additional questions are how do such theories develop, and how to deal with their followers.

The method mostly employed by @Debradelai (and a few others here) is calling them morons or imbeciles, and block them here or ignore them otherwise.

While this is probably the most time-efficient (which is an important feature), I can think of an alternative:

Follow their story, and try to poke holes in it, by showing DETAILS that don't make sense. Mainly by asking questions.


@Zemeliko @Debradelai

"Mainly by asking questions."

A well thought out, and even more importantly, when and where to ask it leaves them speechless and then resort to defending the indefensible.

In the heat of the moment, they are to focused on beating the argument, then when they least expect if in a quiet moment, reality strikes.


@RonOgletree @Zemeliko

I thought Shaul's powers of observation were more finely tuned. Oh, well. It's not the first time I overestimate someone.

@Debradelai @RonOgletree

You know that you're replying to a thread from two months ago, right?

And I'll ignore the evaluation of the tuning of my powers of observation.

@Zemeliko @RonOgletree

And the age of the toot us relevant to the argument because...

So much for those powers of observation.


I don't think you're interested in why I wrote this, but I'll answer nonetheless:

First, you already replied to the entire thread, saying something else.

Second, a person's view can change in two months.

But I wonder what purpose do your comments here serve:

Do you want to ban me? Want me to leave or not write anymore? Or not tag you again (which I'll probably do anyways)?

Your house, your calls. I want to stay for my friends here, but I won't do it at any cost.


@Zemeliko @RonOgletree

You are right. I'm not interested.

And stop whining. It's unbecoming.

Where do you get off playing the victim card? Is it a heretofore u used ploy to censor me?

If you changed your mind, would not it suffice to say so?

If you did not, is it so damaging for you to know I disagree?

I did expect more manhood from you.

Maybe I was mistaken. If so, me to offer you my most insincere apologies.

Meanwhile, consider what purpose YOUR comments here serve.

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