If you feel you are having more interactions than you did in Twayter with 10 times as many because you are.

No bots, no fake accounts and no throttling.

This is what it feels like.

@Debradelai I had 15k followers on Twat and kept a watch on my “impressions” and barely got but 10-20 for each post. I had no doubt they were throttling back my account and suppressing my tweets. So glad I’m off that cesspool garbage site! Once they un-suspend me, I’m deleting it altogether! QV is much better and I’ve met some amazing friends and Patriots on here! I’ve subscribed and imploring others to do the same to keep this platform alive! God bless & thank you!

@Debradelai On any popular news website that has a reply feature they'll come in droves on some posts, It's been all too obvious to me that many of them are most likely paid trolls in the pre-teen age group and in another country altogether, and yet people fall for it and start bickering back and forth with them. When you consider our population numbers compared to others and in poverty?, It wouldn't be hard to pay pay an army of trolls to post all over the web. I gave up trying to explain that.

@Debradelai And it feels great! I Don't care how many followers I have, when they're all so awesome!

@Debradelai it’s a bit overwhelming to be on a forum that is so friendly. I got too used to the Twitter timeouts, mischievous reporting, and oh being attacked for being old As in ‘why are you here, your opinion doesn’t matter.” Then, my original account was whacked because I said Mitt Romney was a “silly RINO” and I was Twitter admonished for name calling🙄 But, it was worth it. Still there lurking in plain sight. It’s only a matter of time.

@Debradelai also if you feel like your IQ is not slowly melting away every second, thats also what it feels like to not be on twitter


I've always been glad I was never on twitter.

Reading these Survivor Stories over the last few weeks makes me especially glad


@timr @Debradelai tim’s preserved his brain cells so he will seem a lot smarter than the rest of us 😁

@timr @watch4thedrop @Debradelai
I am grateful that I was on twatter, it was brief, early 2018, but I would not have found Saul, the Good Brian, Thomas, the Cates bros, Rex, etc., needless to say I would not be here... I can't, nor want to imagine that... laugh if you will, but I schedule everything around the Quod meets, everything... speaking of which... see you later I don't want to be late for tonight's...

@watch4thedrop @Debradelai

Have found more happiness (and time) since twatski flushed me in last weekend's purge.

@Debradelai, the standard checks I ran for shadwobanning on Twitt always came up negative, but I’ve been here ten days and have about 10% of the followers I did on T-word. I was active there for 5 years.

@Debradelai once I get my first paycheck at my new job in two weeks, I'll be donating monthly, because here, people can see me and respond, I had at least a thousand followers, but I was silenced

Yes, it does take longer to scroll through all the toots. But that’s because they’re almost all worth reading, especially when there are links. As I said in my bio, I’m here to be educated.

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