For years, I have patiently endured Democrats' Stasi tactics with forbearance.

Not anymore.

Its open season on DemoRats.

Doxx at will. No bag limit.

Harass at will.

@watch4thedrop @Debradelai

I think TW might agree that this guy has “dead eyes”. The mouth may be smiling, but the eyes do not. Ever since TW first pointed it out, I’ve been looking at head shots of people from a different perspective. Without exception, you can see it when the smile is fake. The eyes don’t smile.

They say the eyes are the ‘window to the soul’. How true. Sometimes you see things that you don’t want to.


I do the same thing. Wow! They never know how to smile.

@Debradelai Why do most Dem men look like pasty pedos with mommy issues?

@whernandez @Debradelai
👏 .. I thought the same thing 😄 he's got that mommy dearest fake smile going on 😖


This is why I love ya', Saul.
You are a law-abiding, diligent follower of the rules guy, as you believe this is the way to maintain peaceful civility. 'to tend & mind your own garden' as it were.

Someone who truly understands the concept that an armed society is a polite society, right up to the point when the lines have been crossed, moved and nearly erased at dizzying numbers and speed.

*now if you will please excuse me, I have a few calls to make - totally unrelated. 😉

@Scarletteverb @Debradelai I am about to get one . Any recommendations? Do I just get one at Walmart?


That's where I bought mine. With cash. I got the cheapest touchscreen and lowest preplanned card.


@Debradelai @Scarletteverb I got kicked off the twat . I was thinking more for that reason though this guy deserves to be harrassed .

@Debradelai Agreed, this is war. Enough is enough. The doxxers need to get doxxed.


Yeah screw them.

And the good news is that the SOB may have played a critical role in exposing the Dems fraud.

@Luckyluke1973 @REX @Debradelai LMAO Luke!!! Yeah, this asshat definitely went too far as did all those on the Zoom call. Hope they get their comeuppance!

The true believers always have crazy eyes.
It must be congenital.

Oooo...dear Saul.. 👍💪😎 funtime at the O-k Corral..😏 ❤


Can a *69 call be traced? It makes your number come up unknown BUT not sure if it can be traced or not. I have a few choice words I’d like to say. May be better off just purchasing a burner phone😁

@Debradelai @Lonestar @Trickster @masterblaster @RonOgletree

From your post to God's ear! Marching orders for the DJT army; push back instructions for 75+ million DJT supporters.

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."

George S. Patton

Additionally, payback is fair game.

@Dsampey222 @Debradelai
I hear some awesome Trump rock stars threw him and his a free sidewalk rock concert that may influence other Trump rock stars to follow in their footsteps... what a lucky little titty peirced snob..."we will, we will rock you..." catchy tune don't ya think😎... love it myself 😄😏


Probably going to get me booted from assbook.....ask me if I care

@Debradelai Just texted him and told him "I just wanted to let you know what a colossal turd you are for doxxing the children of Monica Palmer." Wanted to say more but was afraid it would come across as threatening.

@Debradelai I understand public contact info for expressing displeasure and even shaming people for threatening lives, but the address makes me apprehensive of too many Gab nuts making a big stink and the media lumping us in with them. Unfortunately the normies seem to be totally spoon-fed by legacy media.

@Debradelai I cannot in good conscience stand for the doxxing of anyone, it violates the principle of double effect.


I do not engage in conversation with anyone who uses the word "normie".

Please don't try.

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