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1. About to abate.

Sometimes, attacks come from the outside. Sometimes from the inside.

I have no sense of drama.

Our rules are clear, nobody can claim to be surprised, especially not those who NEVER shared our beliefs like that POS Sgt Friday.

Tomorrow we are back to normal.

Many months ago I stated that I will close this place rather than let it become Gab


2. Reddit or the chans.

I have no intention of closing.

There are many thousands of people who use this platform in good faith, abide by it rules and offer thousands of points of view in all matters.

That will be defended at all costs.

We have no sacred cows and no privileged classes.

We are not for sale or rent.

Our principles are not negotiable.


I will suspend the custom of warning to reduce the drama. But am ready to answer any question.

Time to move on.



Use Google translator, if you must.

In any laguage:

Chega de puxar o saco, rapaz.

@JeanK @Debradelai

Too ironic that one leaves and the other shows up to castigate in the most vulgar way.

Just follow the bouncing ball, or if you are so inclined,the bouncing timeline over t the emotional farm..


Vulgarity, for this particular character, seems to be the only way.


Yep, that is his shtick. What happens when you get a cult following of fools who will sit there and listen to his incoherent blabber.

I was away yesterday and only heard what happened this morning.

There's probably other motives behind Rex's change in behavior, but if this stemmed from Hillary not being indicted like it seemed like in his recent toots, it makes no sense to me.
I want to see her brought to justice as well, but we're in the middle of a viral pandemic.
It seems Rex's worked himself up over the wrong thing at the wrong time.
I'm most likely wrong about this, but still shocked nonetheless.


Sounds like something rotten just happened. Sounds like I Am glad I missed the "fun" .

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