"Remain in social distancing" better be a general recommendation like "wash your hands" or "don't cough on people's faces"...

For sure as I can be this country is NOT "staying in place" until the end of April.

No fucking way.

The remedy is proving to be way worse than the illness.


I just came out of quarantine and I've already had it, too.

Yes, the Wuhan Sniffles was a doozie.

No, it wasn't worse than my last flu in 18.

It's time to let the adults back in the room.

Fail apparatchiks like Faucci, good enough to chase budgets and remain in charge despite their dismal failures should not to be given command of these situations.

It's the triumph of CYA over Reason.

@Debradelai @Missustruth I see one good thing. That Dr. Birx called out the old projections from Imperial College which were used by the COVID ACT NOW website that the governors used. They are now using "revised" projections and if NY starts to tail off because of choloroquine usage and point of care testing, I think a LOT can change rather quickly. I need to get out in the garden a LOT if my husband is going to be working from home for another MONTH! Blessing you all!

@oystergirl @Missustruth

Projectons are only as good as the assumptions made.

It is not science, it is purely guesswork.

This will never reach the numbers I heard today. It makes no sense at all.

I hope they are as,quick to realize their "projections" were wrong as they were to implement draconian measures incredibly destructive of the economy.

This will go down in history as a colossal miscalculation due to ignorance, fear and propaganda.

@Debradelai @Missustruth Amen Don Saul. I completely agree with you. As I have a biology degree and understand research this pisses me off no end! May saner heads prevail and looking forward to the Chloroquine test results!

@Debradelai @Missustruth Can I now post that anecdotally I am convinced that drinking lots of red wine daily minimizes the effects of COVID-19...?? Or too soon to tell...?? Glad you are doing well..

@Debradelai @Missustruth From the beginning I have not trusted Fauci.

I remember his warnings of 400k dead in the US.

Now he's saying 200k.

In a week it'll be 70k

when it stabilizes at around 20k, he'll say I told you so.

@Debradelai @Missustruth The irony is that I feel more free after having kicked it and now I'm corralled.

@Debradelai yes! 100% I agree. When I first heard it I was so angry. This makes no sense!!


What I want to know is, how do they know this is even working? Because some areas aren't getting it?

Because big cities are?

That doesn't seem very scientific. Especially when you think about how dirty the liberal cities actually are.

Shouldn't we be looking at cruise ship outbreaks and when there were mass gatherings and some people got it and some didn't?

I'm no expert, but those things seem very important.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic Gentlemen, what the heck is going on? I find it hard to believe that POTUS doesn’t get it and he lets Faccuci call the shots. I’m starting to worry bc it will be a steep uphill battle to win in November if we are in a recession.

@Debradelai completely agree. The closer April 12 approaches and the apex hits, people will be ansy and break free.

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