(1/3) They wonder why people refer to them as an enemy of the people, then say things like this.

NBC Journo says Trump's dangerous med killed man, when the man drank a fish tank parasite treatment! She 'covers' politics/govt ethics! The irony 🤪

Andy Swan:
"After a massive string of tweets blaming the President for death and destruction, this NBC journalist ends the thread with the actual truth. TRUMP’S DANGEROUS MEDICINE KILLS OLD MAN - oh btw he drank fish tank cleaner"

Quoted Tweet thread (first. last)
"👉Her husband is dead & she's in the ICU after ingesting chloroquine:

"We saw Trump on TV -- every channel -- & all of his buddies and that this was safe," she said. "Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure."

She implored @VaughnHillyard: "Educate the people"
“The toxic ingredient they consumed was not the medication form of chloroquine. used to treat malaria in humans. Instead - 1/2




Moron ingests aquarium cleaner and croaks.

NBC: it's Trump's fault!

Surely the President is at fault for idiots drinking Clorox, too.

Fake news is the enemy of the people.


@Debradelai @darksidedog
OMW.. of course he is, and while we're at it, it snowed last night..🤦‍♀️

@MEMA @Debradelai @darksidedog how the hell did this guy make it to 60 without sticking a fork in an electrical socket or playing in traffic

@watch4thedrop @Debradelai @darksidedog
😂 👏...I know right ..his wife did it too🤦‍♀️.. it is a miracle, no doubt about it..if I had his/their luck I'd have played the lottery...lmao about sticking a fork in a electrical outlet👏...you may have actually stumbled on to something there 😂..js

@MEMA @Debradelai @darksidedog

Actually, speaking of snow, we got 6 inches yesterday and overnight. Thought it was funny. 😆

@MEMA @Debradelai @darksidedog

How dare Trump not hold back the weather!!

Doesn't he know we have a crisis going on?

@Linnie @Debradelai @darksidedog
😄..IKR...he's blamed for everything, too stupid right..the man must have amazingly broad shoulders to take some of the sh:t he's dished..A little deep freeze never hurt anyone right(no snow please) ..today it's sunny and 44° and my fur babies are sunbathing rn..


I get so sick of it. We got to 48 today in NW Montana. Then it snowed...haha! Crazy stuff

@Debradelai @darksidedog

And they don't even bother to clarify in the headline it was chloroquine PHOSPHATE.

@Wiggumc1 @darksidedog

Chloroquine phosphate is the correct medication.

The real question is what the fuck else was in that fish tank cleaner...

Some feed come with penicillin. Try curing a bronquitis by injecting cattle feed into your bloodstream.


We are sorrounded by idiots.

@Debradelai @darksidedog
Arrest these lying hacks for incitement.

They have absolutely no accountability for their deceit, and they're actively trying to make people panic, and prevent sick people from getting well because ORANGEMANBAD.

Then after they're let out, sue them so hard they're propelled out into space and they fall into the event horizon of a black hole.

@Debradelai @darksidedog

Don't forget toilet lickers. That's probably Trump's fault too since none of the leftists can think for themselves.

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