Here goes the first of a series of Conversations between TW and yours tryly.

Hope you enjoy it!

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@Debradelai 3 minutes in and already much better than the superbowl


That was great Saul.
Definitely looking forward to more.
You guys are just full of surprises.


I concur wholeheartedly with Ken. It was great. My IQ must have gone up 20 points at least watching and listening. (It needed a boost after hearing/reading any liberal demonratic prattle.
Thank you!

I did, very nice to be along for the ride.
Looking forward to more

@Debradelai Enjoying this So Very Much! This illuminated Switzerland Neutrality with the brightest of flood lights, which, not surprisingly, can be traced back to France. Absolutely fascinating. I could listen to conversations between you and Thomas on a daily basis and look forward to each one, every day! Thank you, professor Saul.

@Debradelai Thank you for this
video! I so enjoy listening to
you and @ThomasWic! Just one
more reason that SQV is the place
to be!!

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

Very enjoyable to watch the two of you converse. Looking forward to future Beard Blather installments.

>> I really enjoyed the discussion between Thomas Wictor & Saul Montes-Bradley and learned a few more things that help put things into perspective.

I noticed that your QV YouTube channel has a few more videos I will listen to shortly.

I look forward to more of your videos that will focus on pressing world issues that will help us appreciate background info we might not already understand.

-- Thanks


Thanks. Feel free to let us know what you'd like us to tackle. (This goes for everyone here)


Oh dear.

I love all things beautiful. I have to stare. 🤭. BUT!! I never touch.


@Debradelai @RAD

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @HeshmatAlavi
>> I would find it helpful if the 3 of you would do an in-depth discussion about Iran and some of the possible ways you see this unfolding.

Many of us are aware that the Iranian 'leaders' are being isolated. Hopefully they will be deposed and the Iranian people will be given a chance to join the civilized world.

This won't be easy since multiple generations have been crushed under the Iranian dictatorships.

A lot of positive support will be needed.

@RAD @Debradelai @ThomasWic @HeshmatAlavi

I'd go for that.
BTW wonderful and informative discussion, I very much enjoyed it.

Look forward to the next one. 👍

@Debradelai @RAD

More about reasons why China was in VietNam. Will we, or can we do anything about the islands they’re making.

Why did Russia invade Ukraine and annex Crimea.

@Victoria99654 @Debradelai @RAD Good ones!! I’m interested in the Chinese island bases and what we can do about them also!!

@Victoria99654 @Debradelai @RAD I have never gotten the beginning story of the mass immigration in European countries. I would also like more information on where they come from and why and WHOSE idea it was to flood all the countries with them? They come by shiploads and who pays for those ships and how do the people know where to get on them. Would it not be better to help them
In their own countries? Many don’t seem to want to assimilate. I know Merkle is involved but what’s in it for her?


Did you see any of the latest project veritas videos where the socialist left is entertaining ideas of what they are going to have to do to get rid of we pesky capitalist Trump supporters?

I would love to hear you two critique them, and tear them apart MST3K style.

That would be my vote.


Would have to look at those videos first...but I see no problem with that!

I love having Libs for breakfast!


I can see your video critiques going viral. I know that I would watch and spread them all, far and wide.


Holy crap.

This guy needs a Solzhenitsyn enema.

Concentration camps were great, too. Jews had food, work and shelter guaranteed!

I told you this guys are the real Nazis.

@Debradelai @ilumanous These sorts of people bring to mind Lincoln’s observation that when he heard someone supporting slavery ‘I feel a strong urge to see it tried on him personally’


This one is from OKeefe’s Twitter page. I am having a hard time finding the long versions of the videos. I think there about five.

>> My comment is a prefect example illustrating why it would be great if you could eventually allow us to 'edit' a response instead of having to 'Delete & re-draft'.

BUT maybe I don't understand something about 'Delete & re-draft'???

Does that keep the same link so that everyone doing a Favourite or Boost will still reference it??? If so, then that is the equivalent of an 'edit' & works.

After I posted, I realized that I should have included @ThomasWic in the reply.

@RAD @ThomasWic

Would it be fair to change the text of a post after others have liked, boosted or commented on it?


Hence delete and repost.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic
>> So I take that to mean that the original LINK will be preserved. Right???

@Debradelai @ThomasWic
>> Well well... I found out that the original link will NOT be preserved by clicking & seeing the warning.

@RAD @ThomasWic

No. It allows you to correct your text, but it becomes a new post.

All links are severed.

Except for the one you are answering, since the tags ate replicated.

As I just did with this one.

@Debradelai Enjoyed it very much...your knowledge complements each other..look forward to the next...


Well, that was enjoyable and informative. This is going to be a good series.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

Thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you both for sharing your knowledge with us. Make it a regular series, please! (And next time I must settle in with a nice glass of wine to watch, listen, and learn--it's that kind of comfortable conversation among friends.)


You guys did a great job. I really needed some story time tonight.

BTW, I am almost finished with a little story myself. I will post it when I finish.


Love you guys!!!

You’re right, time did fly by. Felt like 15 minutes.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic

That was an extra special surprise gift to come back to. Have been off Quod a few days, on vacation down in Florida. Just checked back in... What a fun hour watching my two favorite historians shoot the breeze on the EU. Thank you for sharing.

To Saul's invite on interesting topics, I would love to learn more about the historical, cultural, and political factors resulting in today's Venezuela.

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