C'mon guys, we made progress but still need 285 subscribers at QuodVerumTV.

Watch Ann Vandersteele strange on Fast and furious and click that subscribe button. No money involved.


We need at least 1000.

A little more would be great but that is the minimum.

@Debradelai Saul,sometimes I am clueless. Please give me a link to subscribe. Love, me.


If you didn't subscribe before, you should see the subscribe button here. Just click on it and voilá!


I watched the interview with Brian Connell.
It’s really an interview worth watching.
Thanks @Debradelai

@Debradelai Alright already I have subscribed. Anything for you dear man!


My apologies for not seeing this sooner. I have subscribed!


I'm subscribed.

Just saw a notification this morning and saw that it had streamed a former (?) Bill Mitchell collaborator Ann Vandersteel.

I never could watch Bill, and when he started waffling on the that was it for me. He's so "Bill" centric

Will you continue to share Ann's channel via QVTV?


I know Bill, and often disagree with him, but this I can tell you:

He has never wavered in regards with 2A, and anybody who so affirms is a noron, an as hole or a lier.

@Steeltruth , as you may have noticed, is no longer with "Your Voice America". But, then again, your previous statement suggests your understanding may be lacking.

Yes, we are happy to have Ann stream in QVTV and look forward to more collaboration with her and others.


I'm referring to his tweets supporting a national red flag law. He was getting called out by a lot of people. I was just reading it, not affirming it.

Maybe my knowledge is lacking since I don't follow Bill's. I did watch Ann a few times and liked her. QVTV is on notification so I'm sure to catch her contributions.


@mikeb @Steeltruth

I remember the incident, orchestrated by a bunch of asshats misrepresenting what he said.

That's when he signed up here.

Having been the target of a year long red flag investigation, I agree with his position.

I'm glad you like @Steeltruth

I do, too.

@Debradelai Ive been subscribed,lol..went and watched Ann's video when i saw a notification in my email..awesome video!

Late to the party, but subscribed.
Thanks for the link!


@Debradelai I've watched all 3 of Ann's videos. She has excellent guests that are incredibly informative, as is she. Amazingly hard worker are so intelligent.

@Debradelai Very excited to dig into the channel this weekend!

@WarriorPoet @Debradelai

Target 1,111 subscribers plus

Get Your Buddies
Get Your Pals
Get Your Gals
Get Your Guys
Get Your Mom
Get Your Dad
Get Your Jesuit Priest brother
and Your Uncle's Rabbi

to subsribe

841 subscribers


Think I may have put my response on the wrong thread previously. ☺ But for the record,


@Debradelai i'll get my brother to subscribe but he's not really too active on that account

@watch4thedrop @Debradelai

The bodies are what counts. Tell him to click the notification bell and select 'none', then he won't get notifications.


I just subscribed and am looking forward to watching QuodVerumTV.


I thought I had already subscribed. I just checked and had to subscribe again.

Make sure you are subscribed!

Don't miss out.

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