In this week's polls:

The first NH poll - Emerson - since the last debate shows Sanders maintaining a growing lead over the rest of the field.

Buttigieg dropped to 2nd.

The Democrats are having to face the ugly reality that Sanders has an excellent chance of winning both IA and NH.

Biden and Warren are mired in a third place tie at 14% - not even enough to win any delegates.

Klobuchar made an impressive gain, rising six points to 10%. It is possible that she is benefiting from the dearth of centrist candidates, although her policies are not centrist.

She does give the impressive of being formidable, in an angry, bitter way.

As Biden's weird, smoke-and-mirrors 'campaign' continues to dissolve, she may pick up some voters who are repelled by communism.

Emerson NH Dem poll:

"Exclusive 7NEWS/Emerson College poll offers peek at who’s leading ahead of NH Democratic primary"

Also in this week's polls - Sanders is now in first place in a national poll.

Sanders 20%
Biden 19%
Warren 12%
Bloomberg 9%
Buttgieg 6%

"Sanders climbs, now tied with Biden among registered voters: Reuters poll

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has been steadily climbing in popularity this year and is now tied with former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination among registered voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national poll."

The Democrats are terrified.

Sanders is surging. Warren's failed attack and CNN's typically stupid bias are only helping him.

The decaying establishment media continue their self-destruction as their attempts to destroy Sanders inevitably boomerang.

Biden is a spectre. He is confused, frail, waxen, hot-tempered, disoriented and rapidly declining. The awareness that he has no chance is slowly dawning on the leftist clucks.

Now all they have are the Marxists and the ciphers.

It is a priceless joke on the smug, haughty, arrogant Left that an unreconstructed Bolshevik is the likely front runner against their most despised and feared opponent. He has no chance. But his followers are obsessed with him and can no longer be controlled

Sanders is a wild-haired, bug-eyed, old-fashioned Red - a caricature of the Stalinist work-horses of the 30s and 40s. A professor from NYU screaming and defending Stalin's five year plan in a Washington Square coffee shop.



"A professor from NYU screaming and defending Stalin's five year plan in a Washington Square coffee shop."

I know that SOB. Took classes with him at Shimkin Hall.

Lives in Washington Place just East of Sheridan Park...


By the way, there were no coffee shops at Washington Sq on my day. They were on University Place, McDougal and Bleecker.

These characters were always at Le Figaro or La Lantana di Vitorio on McDougal, or the Minetta Tavern.

@Debradelai @timr

In the 60's and 70's you could get a Nickle bag 24/7 in Washington Square...…..safely, The Village was a great place

First time I ever had a Souvlaki was on Sullivan in the village. Little Greek walk up place.

Mulberry St in Lower Manhattan is my kind of heaven. My waist size increases by the block. Da Gennaros, Umberto's, the little Italian deli that would slice Prosciutto so thin you could read the newspaper through it!


Gotta go cook something now

@Debradelai @timr

I'd commit murder for a Cannoli from Ferrara's right about now


Miserable Marxist SOB's planning their dystopian revolutions from bourgeois locations for 150 years.

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