Russia desperately trying to throw a line to the Mullahs.

Lavrov: "“So the 21st century is the time when we must get rid of any methods of dealing in international relations which smack of colonial and neo-colonial times. And sanctions, unilaterally imposed sanctions, they are not going to work.”

Expect the Democrats to pick up on the talking points.

Sanctions are obviously working despite the Socialists rhetorical gymnastics.

I think they'd be without anything to say without obvious helpful talking points...

@MEMA @Debradelai If they pick up the talking points can we call THEM RUSSIAN assets? These people are literally infantile!

"Colonial" or "neocolonial", it's a nauseating socialist talking point.

@Debradelai No surprise as, if I recall correctly, they and their fellow travelers in the US State Department orchestrated the Shah's overthrow and installing the Ayatollah. They have had an investment in the regime for 40 years.



Expect you are correct. At this point, the Democrats will probably pick up the talking points to help the Mullahs out.


Russia will keep at it. All they need is a weak USA and a bad deal.

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