Looking for a nice place for a QuodMeet in Nashville on 12 December.

Maybe the lobby restaurant at the Hyatt Place Downtown.

This is the time to make suggestions!

@Debradelai Damn, just damn. My daughter lives in Nashville, would be an easy meet, but I am already committed to December 12 for something. Hopefully some other time. And it is only 8 hours away by car. Would have been great. Looked so forward to meeting some real life quods.

@Debradelai I didn't have a problem with it, just am disappointed. Keep it going Sir! I'll find one eventually

@Debradelai SQV cheers us all up, perfect place for all Patriotic Americans and all those from everywhere else who care about freedom. There is no place like SQV, no place.


Well, It's 5 acres, under-glass, of exotic tropical foliage, rotating bar and the accouterments aren't cheap but heck, it's the holidays.

@inverness01 You can drive from FL to Nashville, at the far point it's a 12 hour drive. @Debradelai @Victoria99654

@inverness01 @Baline @Victoria99654

Three in FL coming up in December and January.

Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando/Sarasota, Jax.

@Debradelai @inverness01 @Baline @Victoria99654
I’ll be back in Sarasota week of Feb 22. But might be able to sneak down. We shall see.

@Debradelai @Baline @Victoria99654 yay to Orlando. Have to be sure I pay close attention. Been busy working three jobs and not on here as much as I would like to be. Thanks for update!!

@Victoria99654 @Debradelai @Baline two of them are from home ( full time one) and one flexible . The other is on Saturdays . I send my son to private school and do all I can to bring in money and leave him an inheritance when I go on. It will be modest but at least he will have something . I am determined that he not worry about me in my retirement years as so many of us have to with parents who made only enough to get by.

@inverness01 @Debradelai @Baline

It sounds like you are working a solid plan. In today’s types of schools, I think its great that you are able to send your son to private school. That is a good legacy, too.

@Victoria99654 @Debradelai @Balinethank u kindly. I refuse to have him go to public school . Some of the insanity that goes on especially as kids get older is crazy.

@inverness01 @Baline @Victoria99654

You'll have time aplenty. I'll try at least 4 weeks notice.

Besides, we need time to ensure a minimum of participants.


I’ll check driving too, but I’ll be in conference 12/10, 11.

946 Miles. That’s about 15 hours.


There are a ton of restaurants by the Opry Mills Mall.

That area is on one of the hwy bypasses (Briley Parkway) around Nashville and avoids the downtown traffic, which is a headache during business hours.

I've eaten at a couple of the restaurants in the mall....Rainforest Cafe and The Aquarium.

And many times at Bob Evans down the road from the mall.

Here's a Yelp! link to the area restaurants if anyone wants to take a look.

@Debradelai Just curious what you have planned? Is it a meet-up or are you going to have a series of events?


Just a meet up.

I want to have several around the country and on occasion combine with guests.

That's why I want to keep these local and easy.

@Debradelai When I saw Nashville, I perked up! I just got back from Branson, my first trip in years. Had so much fun with my son. I was thinking Nashville would be my next trip, so it might happen. Kinda soon tho. Have you had much interest yet?


I just put it out there. Tomorrow I'll put up an event announcement. If enough people subscribe, I'll do it.

@Debradelai There ya go! I'll think about it and watch for your updates. 😍

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