It's truly astonishing how Blasey-Ford hasn't been indicted for perjury and other crimes she committed, during the attempted destruction of an innocent man.

As the other members of her gang.

An extremely bad look for Trump, too. He is POTUS, after all. Maybe he couldn't act then but he sure could now.
No - we love him but we also don't make excuses for Trump, That these vermin are free as birds on his watch is an absolute disgrace.

Sorry just being honest.



It is not up to the President to file charges of crimes against Congress.

This is not Cuba.

@Debradelai @REX I thought so when I asked. I remember Graham claiming he’d look into it. So, as I said, one’s ire over this should be directed at him.

@Debradelai @REX The republicans held the house and senate during these hearings. I don't know how it works in D.C. but it seems to me they could have called hearings, the DOJ could have filed charges. The President could have tried to influence it. I can only imagine they didn't for political reasons or because they didn't have a case.

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