Taylor Swift, should have bought the rights to her old music. Now Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta are calling the shots on her old songs.




What a whiny little shit!

Buy your rights back or shut the fuck up.

@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude Yes! Thank you! Good lord, I read some of the comments of how she was only 16, she didn't know what she was doing, etc. complete horseshit

@Baline @Debradelai
She would not be where she is now if she did not know what she was doing. Now she is being a whiny "victim". She makes one bad decision and that is all it takes for her act like that.

@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude
I'm feeling a little greedy about this...doing both would work for me..

@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude I was under the impression she was a fierce woman. Now she is telling us she is unable to handle the two bad men? Bullsh*t. Maybe she is trying to turn this into some SJW crap. Toxic masculinity vs girl power.

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