Welp. What a lucky turn of events. Right after I decide to congregate all my pharmacy threads in to one hashtag , a colossally stupid and ignorant hashtag trends number 1 on twitter. This thread will be just a debunking of all common leftist propaganda about contraceptives(of which there are many)

2/ This is silly. While some birth control may help regulate the hormones and mask symptoms of endometriosis, you need to actually get treatment for this. likely surgery and or hormone replacement therapy. Trying to claim Birth control stopped your endometriosis is asinine to healthcare professionals and dangerous to people who actually have the diagnosis.

3/ there was never any "attack" on Title X funding. PP threw you guys under a bus in order to continue their abortion crusade. This article describes what happened pretty well. washingtonexaminer.com/opinion

As you can see, this is on planned parenthood, not Republicans/Trump

4/ Without knowing what this lady takes, I can't 100% call BS or not on this claim. However, I can tell you that birth controls of EVERY hormone type have gone generic. The top 4 most prescribed birth controls in our pharmacy are sprintec, junel, tri-lo-sprintec, and norethindrone.

5/ The invoice price is how much we pay. divide these numbers by 3(comes 3 per box) and 6 for sprintec. Than add a 5 dollar pharmacy dispensing fee (yes I know, we are so modest :D ) and that's how much 80%(according to my pharmacy) of OC patients are paying.

6/ This is assuming their insurance doesn't cover it outright. All forms of medicaid/medicare covers Oral contraceptives no matter how much the SJW's on the hashtag line wants you to think CVS is somehow "stopping reimbursements". That is purely fiction. But even if they were, patients can easily fork over the 10 dollars per month for their OC's. That's cheaper than the money you paid for the uber to take you to the club or the entrance fee in order to need the birth control in the first place.

7/ Once again, nobody is taking away your birth control. You are free to go to the pharmacy yourself and pay out of pocket for easily accessible birth control. OC's are also not the only form of contraception available to you at the pharmacy.

8/ I recommend this to my patients who are trying to get pregnant but it is also a good contraceptive substitute as well. Although I would never recommend it over an actual contraceptive, if you are far off from your ovulating date, you will likely not get pregnant. (your cost= invoice price plus 5 dollar pharmacy dispensing fee)

9/ Let's not forget the Plan B option as well. This medication has also gone generic. From our distributor

Medicaid/medicare covers this medications and in some states(including New york), you don't even need to have a prescription.


And if you are not low income enough to be on medicaid, as you can see, you can get it for the low low price of 15 dollars. Anyone who claims they can't afford it is lying to you.

10/ and also let's not forget one of the most basic forms of contraceptives that is likely the most inexpensive and easily accessible. As well as something that every teenage boy has made balloon animals with. These are on the medicaid formulary as well for the people who can't cough up 3 bucks.

Notice how every option I have provided in this thread so far costs less than a pack of ciggarettes or a bottle of liquor which I'm sure the lefturds have no problem discovering the funds for.


Yo forgot the best and cheapest contraceptive.

100% effective.

Can be used more than once.

Hahaha I think my ex's blood might have been as thin as water as she took a whole lot of aspirin.
I actually don't remember her taking it but I sure remember her claiming she needed it.

A whole lot of people may be familiar with the headache excuse.

Maybe not so much in the way it was presented.😉


@WarriorPoet The aspirin wasn't for a headache. Old school teaching was for a girl to hold the aspirin between the knees to keep her legs shut. 🤣 @Debradelai @watch4thedrop

@Debradelai Doesn't mean it worked though. Where's there's a will there's a way. @WarriorPoet @watch4thedrop


@WarriorPoet @DonnaLea @watch4thedrop

Man may have invented chastity belts.

That's when a woman came up with the idea of a locksmith.

They've been a step ahead since.

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