"Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, backed a second referendum [on Brexit], saying “the people should have the final say”."

The people already have had their say, asswipe.

Socialists only accept elections that go their way.

It only counts when they do it or have it their way other wise the cry of irregularities.


The only thing that stops any government from doing things like that, is the fact that some countries have an armed citizenry.

@Debradelai @ilumanous

What he is saying is that. The people have the final say but he doesn't think they were educated before they chose Brexit. Out of sheer humanity they will give the British people one more chance to get it right. 😂

IMO it's anarchy. But lately I don't feel like I understand anything that's going on.


You know way more than I do about the topic of which you are speaking. I totally give you that.

I took your words out of context when I read, "Socialists only accept elections that go their way."

I was thinking in this grandma brain of mine, that an armed citizenry would revolt if their government tried to enforce socialist rule over them.

(Or at least I know that I wouldn't take it lying down.)


I have seen too often how that does not work.

My statement was very literal.

Socialists pay lip service to democracy, as long as they don't lose an election.

Then, the same people they lionize become duped palookas who need the stewardship of the intellectual vanguard of the proletariat.

Thus, the people need to be heard on Brexit (they spoke, 52-48), or on any other election they lost.

You may not take it lying down, but most will and, indeed, have.


And one more thing. Has it occurred in that beautiful grandma brain of yours (no sarcasm or pun intended, it is), that that armed populace may actually demand Socialism?

Too many collectivists wrap themselves in the flag. Beware of any such.


Lord, Saul... I hardly sleep at night as it is. 👀

@Debradelai @ilumanous
"Too many collectivists wrap themselves in the flag."?

Sounds like the Korean left who play the nationalist card and use the "comfort" women issue to drive a wedge between Korea and Japan.

Fortunately the US is not socialistic but in other countries, it seems to be the case.


That makes me feel nauseous...

I guess we will never know what would happen if "magically" all of the 17,410,742 Brexiteers were packing.

I still wonder if those who are going against their wishes would speak so loudly.


“Socialists only accept elections that go their way.”

How true. 2016 is living proof.

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