Why is it I don't hear cries of woe: "Stop the slaughter of Muslims."?

The systematic murder of hundress of thousands at the hands of Myanmar Buddhists and Chinacoms has everybody totalky unconcerned.

It is as if the Rohyinga and the Uyghurs were not human. No pictures of their slaughtered children. No screams for their right of return to their homeland.

No calls for "humanitarian intervention."


Hypocrytes all.
No flowers at their mass graves.

@Debradelai probably because of media silence.
This is horrific beyond words. I have no idea why people don't care, guess they're too worried about plastic straws and whether their little boys should wear a dress or not to worry about genocide and ugly things like that.
"Oh but the Chinese are such nice people. Look they make all of our Goods..Isn't that wonderful."
I actually had some moron say to me "you know China has never attacked one of its neighbors" they are just peaceful Buddhist.

@WarriorPoet. Yes re the media silence. @Debradelai

I would happily scream, stop this slaughter.

Where can I get this information? There is so much going on a a daily basis; seems like there is not enough time in the day to debunk fake news plus research what’s going on worldwide. It’s overwhelming.

Thank you for any recommendations to related sources.

I read that the founders of the epoch times are actually Chinese dissidents that escaped the horrors of that wonderful country.


@WarriorPoet True.

Thank you.
I will search ET. In my limited knowledge about QV, and for ME only, it is difficult to research a topic here, without a hashtag search. (But that’s my problem. 😂😂). I will research more. I appreciate your time.


The communist Chinese government has committed genocide throughout its existence ....
and no one has cared.
Well that's not entirely true because there were certainly people that cared. There were even people that wanted to do something about it but they were blackballed right out of their positions.


I truly appreciate his humor as well.... even when it is painful. So sharp that it cuts right through.



I think he is a big teddy bear. No need to feel pained. If we don’t ask the questions that takes us to the next level how will we ever grow/learn?

Now, I know about another glaring issue that needs to be highlighted. I certainly never knew MUCH about it before now.

I thank you for your responses.

@Debradelai So true, pathetic at this lack of consistency. Atrocities goes in many different directions. I am disgusted by both the Chinese Communists and the political leadership in Myanmar. The lack of attention to these two atrocities is outrageous.

@Debradelai I know about the crap going on in China but not too much with Myanmar but it does sound like there's corruption going on in the government there as well as serious human rights violations

@Debradelai You are correct. I haven't seen or heard one word on any of this. Thank you for posting.

@Debradelai I admit that I haven't heard anything about this. It sounds like the Cambodian "Killing Fields" on steroids. And the Chicoms want to still do business with us? Give me a break.

@WarriorPoet @Debradelai

I try to keep up, but I am shocked that I have never heard of this slaughter of Muslims.

Thank you for sharing this information.


@Linnie @WarriorPoet @Debradelai

Uyghur ethnicide.

The photo of the men is very reminiscent of Hilter's concentration camps.

@Debradelai I've noticed that atrocities by socialists simply don't count for the popular media. China has concentration camps for Muslims in Xinjiang but it gets far less media attention than Trump's wall.


Thanks for another reminder of the brutality facing all people of faith in a shitty world Mr. Saul.

Muslims are hugely impacted not only in these countries, but by Islamic terror groups as well.

Not to mention all the bigots in America afraid of Muslims living here.

It is a damn shame that we hear next to nothing about how they are being systematically terrorized.

This is something that’s had me frustrated, disappointed and sad for these people. The Uyghurs are being systematically slaughtered/ and or being kept like cattle until they have their organs forcibly removed. This is horrible beyond words, and no one not 1 country is doing anything or even saying a word it’s as if it’s not happening at all. The entire world should cut China off as a start.In this day in age who would’ve thought such a thing as a re-education camp would be possible

@DustyBun Exactly! Other countries, the governments to be specific, have not one word nor whisper to say about the horrific crimes against humanity. Instead, they blather on about appeasing China to continue trade, aka buying crap from the paper tiger while they have been trying to destroy the U.S. @Debradelai

@DustyBun @Debradelai
Because people want cheap shit to fill up the emptiness in their lives.

Trump's the first one to say, "You know, maybe there are more important things in life. So fuck you, China. Shape up or get ready for collapse."


We've been shouting from the rooftops about censorship for exactly this type of reason. In that way, we have been crying our laments. We simply don't have enough data. The evil monarchic Chinese successfully censored this in USA. FCC auctioned radio frequency (for "cell companies"), and I knew this was the outcome then if deep state and corporate inflators kept control, which until Trump there was no reason they would have been stopped.


This is not a case of censorship at all.

You have ALL the information out there.

All it takes is a modicum of curiosity and the ability to type a Google search.

But it confirms no-one's bias, so no one looks into it.

More a case of heads in sand than censors.

There is no excuse, really.



That's the problem. There's no links. Too much censorship in USA.


As far as I can tell, this means they've already been put in slaughter cages and started to be killed while harvesting organs from them, especially the young and healthy.

I just found out about that months ago regarding the Falun Gong. How many other types of groups do the monarchs murder?


Trump's being a diplomat. It's up to us to know what's going on.


For a guy who 24 hours,ago had no idea what a Rohingya was and could not tell an Uyghur from an Augur you seem to have too many opinions.

How you got Rubio into this is, and shall remain, a mystery to me.

Please untag me.


I was answering your question about why there isn't an outcry. We haven't seen anything about them.

For instance, I don't watch NBC.

I untagged you as you requested.


Quant.Com (are they safe?) suggested a slightly different spelling that Epoch had, but when I forced Quant to look at your spelling, it came up with many things too:

I just realized Quant puts up ads. I'll go back to DuckDuckGo I suppose.

Thanks to Saul, I'm researching the Rohingya.

It echoes many problems we have in California, but not necessarily exactly. Here's my background: foreign cultures and people are being used to attack and kill our citizens in our state. By some "demographic" counts, we are now a minority and they are now a majority, but that doesn't explain the individuals who on both sides are more enlightened working for good, and others more deadly working for multiculturalism and multilingual hell.

Here's an article that talks about the background.

Rather than say "it's a mess", I'll try to see what's happening; here are some examples that stuck out at me:

It's absurd to ask someone to know about something then blame them for researching it.

Ok, here I go:

The below text begs the following question: what would have been wrong with Rakhine State becoming its own country, and the country of Myanmar simply forbidding immigration from the country of Rakhine? That way, they would not be impeding on each other. I want to see that discussion before I start having opinions.

If that's issuing an opinion, so be it. That's my "opinion".


Someplace called "UNICEF" wouldn't pay attention to anyone unless they're children.

This is the thing about children: they turn into adults. EVERYONE should be paid attention to, adults AND children. They are all PEOPLE.

Why does UNICEF think children are some alternate species? What the hell?


Because their mission is children, moron.

That's about the only thing they do right.

What does UNICEF stand for?

Amazing how "Save the Whales" cares about whales, too.

I asked you to untag me.

Second request.

Thanks to Saul, he explained that UNICEF is tailored to only care about children. To me, it seems crazy that there's a place that only cares about children in world events; that's why it never occurred to me to consider that possibility.

Too many things are done in the name of children by oppressing their humanity. Can we please just talk about humans and stop using children as sledge hammers and slaves? We are all people, and we were all once children, and children turn to adults.

@Debradelai I would imagine its because it isnt being pushed by the media. We're too busy playing "impeach Trump, impeach Kavanaugh ".


Circular argument.

It isn't in the media because it isn't in the media.


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