Charlie Kirk
Did you know:
Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 28 years with an annual salary of $193,400
So how is her net worth nearly $200,000,000?
Even if she invested 100% of her salary and paid 0 taxes for 3 decades, with 10% ROI, she should only be worth $30,000,000 at most



Somebody ought to tell Charlie that a salary is not the only source of wealth. Neither is corruption.

Inheritance and marrying rich usually works.

@Debradelai @Dawnz

Correct. I have found Charlie to be a somewhat shallow thinker and a propensity to virtue signal, massively.

@Dawnz @Debradelai

Won't be tough to see as he does it with great regularity.

Have you also noticed that Candace is no longer front and center with him?

@RonOgletree @Debradelai

I just figured she was growing in her own popularity, new avenues with other projects and interests and kinda buisy with her wedding, all of that

@Dawnz @Debradelai

If you recall, the two were inseparable for public appearances. Then all of a sudden, she is on her own gigs doing meaningful live and recorded interviews.

Don't get me wrong, Charlie has his place in the university outreach. Maybe he needs to be as the audience he is courting, a bunch of virtue signalling twits who are told they know everything.

@Sarah_Roberts @Dawnz @Debradelai

She resigned over the crap she was getting from the snowflakes that infiltrated the organization essentially forcing her out over that phony Hitler canard.

Like the graphics fool who had the doctored image of the Seal when Trump came to speak to them.

@RonOgletree @Dawnz

Listening to Charlie Kirk talk, it is like fingernails on a chalkboard along with calling women "feminists." UGH

@Sarah_Roberts @Dawnz

I have heard him lately on the Breitbart morning show on XM and it appears he is focusing on policy instead of hyperbole lately. His utter embarrassment of that doctored image on a large background as the President walked onto the stage took some of his arrogance of fame into check.

Now he is doing everything trying to resurrect it.

It only takes one OH Shit to wipe out a battleship full of atta-boys.

@RonOgletree @Sarah_Roberts @Debradelai

I like her a lot.She"s a tough cookie.When she testified at that hearing she didnt cave live they had hoped.When she was attacked by snowflakes she never backed down,she stood her ground. Shes pretty amazing

@RonOgletree @Debradelai

I used to pay more attention to him and Candice..Lately I ve been paying more attention to trying to understand mullahs, Saudis,Iran etc which I really am trying to understand

@Dawnz @Debradelai

It is more about sects of the Muslim religion. That is the simplest way to look at it.

Just as Christianity is not a monolith of doctrines, neither are they.

As the separations get wider, so does the desire to eliminate each other.

@RonOgletree @Debradelai
I kinda came to that observation.And with todays's weaponry I see how it affects the whole world.

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