Saul Montes-Bradley. An Introduction.

Conversation with Eli Gold, President, Gold Institute for Strategic Studies.


If you still haven't sen this... You must.



Enjoying this video right now. "Focus on strategies, rather than policies.."

@Debradelai "I do think that our strategy should be to bring back the principles that founded this Nation and the application of that law so we can continue to be the freest country in the world." How pleasant to the ear. Thank you Saul.

I had to watch this twice it was that good. Not to sound like im being "flattering" here but just saying what I think. I think you are one of the most insightful informed people Ive had the pleasure to listen to.You speak in a way I can understand-not over my head.I am learning so much. So, thank you for doing these interviews along with your insights here.You are a great teacher.

@Debradelai Thank you so much! What a surprise it was to find this in my subscription feed. Watching it now. And yes, auto-captions kicked in.

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