@MagaKathryn - Mac platform database, right?

If so, not sure I can help as my bkgrnd is PC/MS products ...

But, I can tell you that if you can find templates or pieces of code that do what you want, normally you can cob something together that is workable ...

@MagaKathryn ummm. ok. I'm in my mid-50's ... so 80's, 90's 00's .. I've lived them all & then some.

I usually had good luck just googling things to get the info I need ... or going to a help/chat forum for a specific topic.

@MagaKathryn you were asking for tech help for an obscure database program ... that's about all google is good for.

If you can only insult people who are trying to help you then it is obvious as to who is the actual troll.

Not sure why you felt the need to include @ThomasWic in this conversation, but if you think he can help you, then so be it.

Good luck.

@Elaines2cents or @Debradelai , do either of you know this person?

Not sure what I did to offend and was just trying to help.

@BlizzyBuzz @Debradelai

I do not but this attitude is not something that I would tolerate 🤨


She has posted a litany of screen shots, screaming at @ThomasWic to help her. It seems to be all about Twitter. And we are *NOT* Twitter.

I ended up muting her. Way too much sturm und drang for me, along with a few four letter words.
Don't need it.

@BlizzyBuzz @Debradelai

@Cdubois @ThomasWic @BlizzyBuzz @Debradelai

Level of crazy I don't plan on dealing with. I've given her the last of my 'help' with a strong suggestion that she read Saul's thread on what this place is and isn't. She can fall off the cliff on her own from here.

@Debradelai @Elaines2cents @Cdubois @ThomasWic @BlizzyBuzz

Thank you, Sir.
Sorry to have stooped to her level with the name calling.
After Kathleen and Blitzy attacked, my blood boiled.

Should have said ‘Bye Felecia’

@Angela @Debradelai
If that were true, General Flynn's book Field of Fight would be wasted reading. 😡

@Angela @Debradelai
Saul just cleared my thinking up.

Between what Thomas was saying and Saul was saying I was reading it as General Flynn deliberately baited his enemies but did not expect the smear and the retribution against him for standing up to Obama to be this bad. I mashed up both.

I've been trying to make sense out all of this. It's just ridiculous the extent that General Flynn's enemies went after him. Disgusting. 😡

@redwhitebluedude @Debradelai

The DNC wasn’t even hacked.
It was internal.
Obama expelled the Russians on a LIE.
Right before he left office.

40 years of corrupt Presidents has ended.


Gen Flynn will be vindicated.


I was biting my lips all along.

What really gets me is how mind-bogglingly stupid the underlying narrative is.

It takes the intellect of a retarded streptococcus pyogenes to buy into it.

And scores of morons did.

@Debradelai Hahaha Saul you've outdone yourself! Laughing my ass off and being grossed out all at once.
"Streptococcus pyogenes is most often spread through contact with mucus or wounds of infected individuals."

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