(1) Perhaps the most pathetic conditioned reflex of the so-called liberals is their tendency to trample over the first amendment when cornered.

The news are bad?

Silence the opposition.

Remember Benghazi? They blamed a video no one had ever seen.


(2) My jaw dropped in disbelief watching C-Span as the Hildebeast promised that its author "would be dealt with"!

Imagine that.

It is tantamount to holding an inquisition tribunal on Charlie Hebdo for publishing a cartoon that excited terrorists into killing Charlie Ebdo's crew.

Absurd as it seems, that is EXACTLY what Obamanites did to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

wnd.com/2013/05/video-maker-bl !

(3) The US Secretary of state calling for the lynching of a person who committed the horrible crime of expressing his opinion asinine though it may be.

Even had she been right and not, as we know, a false narrative designed to cover her own ineptitude, what crime did Mr. Nakoula commit in reference to the ill fated video?


(4) But the criminals then resident at the White House and the Department of State needed a scapegoat and thought nothing of trampling upon the rights of an innocent man destroying his life that they may perpetuate a lie, as fourth rate actors were forced into public apologies lest they suffer the same fate.


(5) This did not happen in Stalin's Soviet Union.

This did not happen in Ceaucescu's Romania.

This did not happen in Saddam's Iraq.

This happened in Obama/Clinton's America, where the innocent were sent to Gulags to preserve the tyrant's absurd CYA narrative.


(6) This Feinstein letter of January 2018, designed to force companies to join her into browbeating opposition to her wrongdoing and threatening to label good citizens of this Great Nation exercising their constitutional freedoms as "foreign agents" is not pathetic.

It is a clear expression of these bastards' totalitarian ideology.


(7) This is clearly an expression of these bastards' totalitarian ideology, branding anyone who righfully demands transparency in government a "Foreign Agent."

And it MUST be exposed for what it is.

In the last couple of days we have seen how their minions in the DoJ misled, preassured and extort @GenFlynn, a man who dedicated a lifetime in the service of this nation, trying to get him to give false testinony at trial.

He refused.

(8) Comply, or be branded a Foreign Agent, was the message. And we'll go after your family, too.

This perversion of our politics and our Justice System has gone far enough.

@GenFlynn has endured, so far, two long years of daily press attacks, skyrocketing legal fees and threats to himself and his family with the stoicism one would expect from our great military heroes.

(9) His activities with the Flynn Intel Group were both legal and properly registered, and his opinions of having a terrorist living in luxury on the taxpayers' backs in Pennsylvania not only right but, regardless, his right as an American to express (more on the next thread.)

Look at the date on this filing and NEVER believe the Democrat propaganda machine again.


(10) The same group of criminals bent on totalitarianism who controlled the White House from 2009-2016 and, most of that time, Congress, have used OUR resources to silence, marginalize and assassinate the character of one of our most noble servants because he dared to express an opinion at odds with the orthodoxy of the totalitarians in power.

This is intolerable.

(11) Whether the victim is a chickenshit moron like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula or a national treasure like General Michael T. FLynn, it actually makes no difference.

The notion that any of us, at any time, at the whim of a wannabe dictator like Obama or Clinton can have our lives destroyed for what we think or say...well...that's a different matter.

When our fate is in the hands of third rate paper pushers like Peter Strzok or Andrew McCabe...well, we are screwed.

(12) An old instrument of oppression is the creation of laws that are as difficult to comprehend as impossible to follow, thereby rendering every citizen in this commonwealth a criminal subject to the whim of the satrap in power.

When a Judge is forced to confess that a statute is so convoluted as to make its interpretation troublesome, as Judge Trenga stated in Alexandria just two days ago...we have a problem.

(13) When a private company like Facebook is being told by Congress to silence the opposition under threat of being buried in a mountain of legal bills...we have a problem.

Generations ago, Mark Twain quipped that " No one's life, liberty or property are safe while Congress is making laws," echoing Benjamin Franklin's “No man's life, liberty or fortune is safe while our legislature is in session.”

It is no longer a joke.

(14) The totalitarians are now safely ensconced and they aim to "Fundamentally transform America" in ways that will destroy this beautiful experiment in self-government that for over two Centuries has been a guiding light o the world.

It is up to us to ensure they do not succeed.

We will not have many chances to do so.


@Debradelai This may be your most powerful post ever Saul. Holy cow.

@Debradelai Another master piece Don Saul. I feel honored by the opportunity to read your written words. As they convey not only truths but the Values our founding fathers hoped we all would one day achieve. God Bless and thank you

@Tenquid One of my favorite pictures. So calm and relaxed. I'm not afraid either. President Trump was elected for such a time as this. @Debradelai


Powerful thread.

A reminder - something you have been warning us about for ever, Saul - TOTALITARIANISM never dies. It simply moves to a new potential power center, in this case social media and it's million man army of gullible millenials.

@REX @Debradelai
What was that saying?

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Forgot who said that.

@Debradelai Excellent post. As I've mentioned before, I'm here to learn & you Sir, are a superb teacher.


"Fundamentally transform America"

When I heard Obama say that exact phase during the 2008 DNC Convention, I knew exactly what he meant. Of course most other folks didn't and voted for him anyway. They thought they were going to get a lot of "Free Stuff", but very few us knew better.
On the Gen Flynn matter, all I want to hear is, from the judge, Due to the new revelations that have come to light, your guilty plea is not accepted, case dismissed.

@DennisCampbel16 @Debradelai I wonder if the people who voted for Obama just because he's black feel like America was really improved in terms of race-relations due to that choice...or maybe they realized voting in a race-baiter kind of made the problem that didn't exist come into existence.

Then again, his competition was McCain, so...pick your poison, I guess.

@Kambeii @Debradelai
The people who voted for him and realized they made a mistake, won't admit it, due to their childish pride. At least McCain would've been more controllable and not taken down the same path.

@DennisCampbel16 @Kambeii @Debradelai I disagree with you here, as he was funding and meeting with terrorist groups in the ME during his tenure. I am sure he would have done the same as president. Two bad choices surely.

@oystergirl @Kambeii @Debradelai
No. You're correct. I've seen him with some of them bad characters in pictures. I should've been a little more clear. I meant to say he wouldn't have taken us down the socialism road, domestically speaking. He was definitely of the Elitist/establishment mold. He was the one the MSM wanted to run against Obama. I didn't see it then, but afterwards, I analyzed what happened, the Republicans got played. And it happened again with Romney. It stopped with Trump.

@DennisCampbel16 @Kambeii @Debradelai again you are making assumptions that just are not true . There are many of us who admit to making a huge mistake and put our pride aside. Again I appreciate you “not” putting people in buckets . There are many of us who have admitted to making such a mistake and being so easily brainwashed.

@inverness01 @DennisCampbel16 @Kambeii @Debradelai
Benghazi, mere wks before the Nov 2011,, should have been the death of BOs chance at a 2nd term.
Hillary, the Fixer, secured her nomination for the save. Collateral damage? 4 dead, and a "chickenshit" immigrant imprisoned, homeless after release. meh.
Decades of lies, corruption. Treasonous. Far more embarrassing, reprehensible HRC could win the popular vote Nov 2015, than Obama winning a 2nd term. Terrifying, both still have supporters.

@grits @DennisCampbel16 @Kambeii @Debradelai agreed but when you have a press running cover it is not that difficult to fool non politically active people.

@DennisCampbel16 my heart just sank when I heard him say that, I think many folks also did, but lived in fear of speaking out they would be perceived to be racist.....After seeing firsthand how close we came to complete dismantling of our rights ...damn the PCness, done with that forever

And they thought we were crazy. But, thank him for doing what he did. It gave us Donald Trump.

@DennisCampbel16 @Debradelai

The minute Obama started talking, I got worried. As you point out, he had plans to change America.

Dismiss charges against Flynn. He can sue everyone and regain balance.

@DennisCampbel16 @Debradelai it was not just about “ free stuff “ for many . Many people were easily fooled by his hope and change and had very little to do with “ free stuff” . Never the less many of us were political morons but don’t group us into the “I wanted a freebie status”...

@Debradelai opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of this...glad there are so many united in making sure our efforts not wasted....while the left are self immolating & the other half of the uniparty who continue to oppose Trump’s policies which are benefiting our country are exposed for the traitors they have been


There. Are. No. Words.

I am in tears I'm so angry and what those blights on humanity have done and are still trying to do.

One hell of a thread!


You Sir, are incredible. I am eternally grateful for your words and insight.

I pray our incredible Country continues to be a guiding light for centuries to come.

We must always stay vigilant.

1) This has to be one of your most powerful and on point statements ever Saul.A real wake up call to anyone who loves our country,and our freedoms that our founders fought so hard for.We cannot allow these people to destroy the greatest country in the world Its time 'We The People" say enough! Its time every American takes back our government,takes back our schools

Its time we vote in droves and vote out the scum that hate America and are trying to destroy our constitution. And yeah, im angry..We all should be.


Amen, amen, and amen again. Powerful piece written by Saul is a must read for everyone.



This is excellent. Terrifying, as usual, to see it in black and white.

Wow. This should be required reading for every lawmaker in America. After that, every American.

@Debradelai They are lowlife Strzok was raised in Iran His father was CIA. His brothers run heavy cranes at most of the ports in the United States ... perfect for shipping weapons U1 and spent plutonium to Turkey to IRAN. Probably the biggest ratline using US Military ports .. bigger than John McNoName’s ratline thru the Ukraine. His was special ... what goes in ... but what comes back? Opium from AFGH right to So America thru the channels Obama created w Cuba and Venezuela

@Debradelai You’re right! We cannot tolerate this ANY MORE. We will NOT have a Country

@Debradelai @GenFlynn

I doubt any of us would last a week.

General Flynn is a CLASS ACT.

@Debradelai @GenFlynn I genuinely can't decide who are more deserving of punishment and hatred - the complicit media that peddles these narratives when their role is to expose them, or the people who actually perpetrate these crimes behind the scenes.

@Debradelai @GenFlynn Will be exonerated And I hope he sues them into oblivion He’s being represented by one of the finest legal minds. Obama regime MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE

@Debradelai @GenFlynn

But how can that be? I was informed by Obama himself that his would be the most *transparent* administration in history!

(at least I never voted for him, I guess)

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