"People think of rape as being sexy."

I beg to disagree.

More: only a frigid, involuntarily abstinent harridan with severe pênis withdrawal symptom could come up with such a degenerate statement.

What a nutjob.

@Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY

Well, she is describing rape fantasy isn't she?

Now, if only the FCC could do its job on CNN for broadcasting this. 🤨

@redwhitebluedude @DeplorableAynNY

Yes. What a psychotic bitch.

I think even Gloria Vanderbilt's retarded son had a WTF am I doing here expression in the end.

@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude @DeplorableAynNY She? sounds like one of the 'radicalized incels' the Air Force Times warned about a few days ago.

@Baline @redwhitebluedude

First time reading that. Thanks.

Some folks are batshit crazy. I was forced to recognise that fact post 2016.

@DeplorableAynNY @redwhitebluedude I was forced to see it years ago to survive. As a friend says, 'you can't fix stupid and you can't talk to crazy'

@DeplorableAynNY @redwhitebluedude Now I've got the giggles. When I read batshit crazy, I thought, 'guana, guana' set to the jaws theme.

@DeplorableAynNY @redwhitebluedude That's what I'm hearing in my head. 😆 Ugh, sometimes I would like to fire the D.J.

@Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY
I was always a fan of Nora Ephron. One day I read an interview she did in Vanity Fair (I think) where she talked about women having rape fantasies. I just think the sick need to be a victim is so ingrained in some people, they become this deranged.


Sad because we know rape and fantasies should never go together.

@carolinacally @Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY I think it can go both ways. The mind is so complex. For me, having "been there" there is no way in the world I connect it to anything at all SEXY. Others may speak about fantasy to try and put some normalcy on a highly aggressive and deviant act. Listening to this woman and her backpeddling and knowing she said 21 men did this to her, truth, I think she is a sex addict nut job trying to rewrite history and make bank on the back of hurting others.

@oystergirl @carolinacally @Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY

If a person has truly been through such a traumatic occurrence, they don't brag about it.

@carolinacally @Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY

Bernie Sanders wrote about women fantasizing about being raped. He and Nora would make a great couple.

@Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY She is right up there with Avenati, Stormy and Ford...comic relief.

@Debradelai @DeplorableAynNY

Well, I must be in the minority on this. For some odd reason, I am one of those ToeJams that has never fantasized about being raped. In addition I do not find rape sexy.

@Debradelai @CancerousToeJam

You might be a Democrat if...

You oppose the death penalty, but support abortion.

You protest your neighbor clearing their yard of weeds.

You scream at the thought of agreeing with a Republican.

You've argued that Western values are no values.

You want to protest something but don't know what.

You never told a child that Oscar the Grouch "lives in a trash can" because he chooses to do so.

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