(1) That time of the month again.

Quod continues to grow!

In a few days we will be five months old and will reach 10,000 users and 1,000,000 posts. Each post generates its own webpage. Google has already indexed 120,000.

Since we started, our infrastructure has grown from one to seven servers, and we have taken a number of measures to assure a smooth operation, as well as two parallel structures that can come into service instantly should we encounter any problem.

(2) Indeed, we are confident that whether it be a large influx of new users, a DOS attack or any atempt at deplatforming us will be resolved so fast users will not even be aware it ever happened.

We also maintain an ever growing storage unit, so that all users can access all of their data at any time.

Unlike Twatter, the content users generate is constantly available to them. Any of you can download your material in whole, at any time, as often as you like.

(3) All of this comes at a cost, and we are adamant about NOT collecting user data or allow advertising to interrupt the flow of conversation, and we want to avoid mandatory subscriptions.

We depend, entirely, on voluntary donations.

Somebody asked me last moth to give you an idea of what's involved.

I'll do so without a lengthy tirade. Just the skinny.

Other than the developing work, that is ongoing and, courtesy of @walterj and myself a crapload of sweat equity...

(4) This work is related to what we want to do yet in the forum: instant translations based on an AI model that performs the task in context and provides intelligible translations (as opposed to the piss poor Google translate results), polling, a "ReaderQuod" to unroll threads and publish them in sister, and other goodies.

This we must do stealing time from other occupations, hence it takes time.

Then we have a "site Reliability Engineer."

(5) In the five months we have been "live" we have had no down time, no slow downs and no problems of any kind. That's money well spent.

We are also developing a new platform, to increase efficiency in the handling of data. The TweetDeck base we are using requires way too many resources. Not a problem now, but we want to make sure there will not be any in future either.

Then we have Moderators. So far, high quality volunteers who help us keep the site clean and free of loonies.

(6) Which brings me to the issue of Moderation.

We are an open platform, but a MODERATED one. It is not a free for all. We are very clear in our rules and explanations as to what is not allowed. Illegal activity, promotion of bigotry and racism and conspiracy theories that exploit any such top the list, closely tailed by Forum Spam and any such noxious activity.

This isn't a place for gratuitous confrontation or "Meme wars." There are other platforms for that.

We are about adult conversation.

(7) The cost of running this place is approximately 14,000/month, ($1.40 per user) not including the development work that @walterj and I do. That includes the hosting and infrastructure, site reliability and maintenance.

Development and moderation are done on a volunteer basis.

Donations from users average now 4,500 per month.

You do the math.

It will not change much until we reach 500,000 users. While that growth will generate more hosting and storage charges, fixed will not be affected.

(8) Alas, while many of our users contribute regularly, the vast majority does not.

I always ask the same question: Is SQV worth a latte per month?

If 25% of our users contributed that much, we'd meet our expenses.

If 50% did, we'd be able to accelerate improvements dramatically.

It is, as it has always been here, entirely up to YOU.

When @ThomasWic and I discussed the idea of creating this place back in June of last year (One year, TW, who would've thunk?), we talked about this.

(9) What do we do if this thing grows beyond our means?

We'll three roads will then be opened to us:

1. Capitalize on data mining. We will NOT do that.
2. Open the place up to advertising. We do not WANT to do that, or
3. Close the place to all but paid subscribers. We want to avoid that.

Inevitably, donations lag the number of users. Folks, understandably, like to kick the tires before they commit any amount. That's fine.

Others take things "personally."

(10) For this latter group, a disagreement with me, TW, Rex, or the monster of the Black Lagoon will trigger a cancellation of contributions.

That's fine too. Silly, but fine.

So how does this work?

Hopefully, the number of contributing users will continue to grow until the place is self-sufficient. By September, I'll give you another report on this.

When we do reach the goal, I will personally throw a party to our subscribers of $20 or more, where we can meet and celebrate our success.

(11) You never know who might show up at such party.

In the meantime, Walter and I will keep shouldering the cost as an expression of our belief that SQV is, as @GenFlynn unequivocally stated, VITAL in this day and age.

We need a sane forum for Conservatives and other people of good faith to meet, inform ourselves and discuss the things that matter free from harassment if we are going to restore sanity to our public space.

We are the Army of Digital Soldiers that is going to do that.

(12) So, as I do every month, a reminder: We cannot do this without you. Every dollar counts.

To all of you who already contribute, THANKS.

To all of you who do not: Is this place worth a LATTE per month?

If not, what are you doing here?

If yes, what are you waiting for?



You built it and they came! Congrats, Saul and team, job well done. 💞

@Debradelai So far you've done much appreciated A+ work, and a recurring donation through paypal is well deserved!

@Debradelai Thank you, Saul, for a glimpse into the inner workings of this site. I hope everyone realizes their small monthly donation can go a long way to keeping Q.V. going. I learn & daily benefit from my interactions here and am happy to do what I can

@Debradelai I'm trying to figure out my finances right now. I'm still paying off surgery I had in July and I paid quarterly taxes this month. I should be ok with a donation but got to make sure first.

I hope everyone donates. I had such a great time here this past weekend. Where else can you have civilized political debates and then have conversations about your animals moments later!?

ESSENTIAL thread from @Debradelai

It's easy to set up a monthly contribution to this great forum.

It will make you feel good about yourself.

It costs $14,000/mo to keep this site going & ready for further growth. The current contributions are around $4,500/mo. That's a $9,500/mo. deficit.

C'mon Quod family. Set up a monthly contribution. Once setup it's automatic.

Click on 'How to support QV' near the Toot button & Ben Franklin OR go to

Do it today. $5 or more!

@Nemhu @Debradelai done months ago . It was easy and 10$ is going to make much difference in my budget

@Debradelai thanks for providing this platform for us! I gladly support the cause!

@Debradelai How do I increase my donation? From the PayPal page?


Yes. You can create a new one for the additional amount, or cancel the old one and create a new one for the new total.


@Debradelai Will do! I get paid twice a month so I'll do it next payday.

@Debradelai Quads, we need this site to succeed. Please contribute to this great forum. It's a low price to pay for a high quality group and leadership with great knowledge.
I don't know about you, thanks to Saul, TW and others, i have become a more knowledgeable person with a greater understanding of politics, the ME, Trump, our beloved General, and our allies. You cannot find these type of folks anywhere else! God Bless.


Thank you @Debradelai for giving us a SQV progress report and a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to keep this site going. I have been here since almost the beginning and was thrilled that you had started this forum where conservatives could express their opinions without being stomped.

I am a monthly donor because as a conservative I believe in pulling my own weight and not expecting others to do it for me—including our Government.

@Debradelai I was happy to contribute - worth every penny ! Will continue to do so. Best platform yet ! I see a lot of people talking about it now. 😊


Threw in $20 of my own. Was originally going to donate $10 to SQV and $10 to the Flynn defense fund but as it turns out only U.S. citizens and permanent residents within the U.S. can donate to it. Oh well, more money for an equally worthy cause.

I will continue to contribute $10 a month, I really wish it could be more but I only receive a small monthly survivor check from SS .


I would like to make a donation, but need a mailing address to where I can send a money order.

@Debradelai This forum is worth MORE than a latte. If you appreciate the information, discussion, freedom of thought that Mastodon affords you realize that we ALL play a part. Please consider becoming a monthly partner/donor. Freedom lovers in this Republic will thank you as they are equipped to engage those out there running on ignorance and msm nonsense...As important let others in on this forum, share, share, share....the rewards are better than a latte.

@kathycas @Debradelai
better than cable>more reliable than fake newspaper! money well spent!

@kathycas @Debradelai

Well said! I spend hours reading articles and threads that help me to understand. I may not post for days, but am constantly gaining new sources and learning which to avoid. It is well worth setting up an auto pay for each month.

@bjssunshine @kathycas @Debradelai That's what I've pretty much done since I got here a few months back. I would comment occasionally, but I would read more so I could gain knowledge. Now I feel more confident in sharing my thoughts. 👍


I did? I must have gad a reason.

If it serves as a consolation, we al write moronic statements at one time or another.

Thanks for your support!


Indeed, so have we all!

In that context, moron is almost a term of endearment!

What we have here can be found. Nowhere else.

That should be enough.


Thank you for sharing the inner workings of SQV. Come on folks. Let's show our gratitude for rescuing us from Twatter. I'm in.

@Debradelai @GenFlynn
I can but say "Thanks to you Saul" and the rest of y'all, for believing in us enough to carry continued grace in providing this space.
We who believe like you do
WILL rise and support you too!


Thank you for posting this info, Saul!
(I never waste my money on lattes, but will now contribute to QVD. Just needed to understand a little about the finances here.)


Sorry, got to draw the line somewhere...

Wait till you hear what I have in mind for 100 or more...


The monster from the Black Lagoon is on here?

I have set up $20 a month, which I am able to easily afford.

I am glad to have more info on how it is spent, even though it is not much.

Thanks for the update.

I hope this platform will be able to continue to improve and grow in the way you intended from the beginning.


Well, sadly I had to go much lower than I wished but that hopefully resolves itself soon . I felt like a thief contributing nothing though .


Looks like I’ll have to up my 10.00 a month to 20.00...wouldn’t want to miss that party!!!!

thanks for the explanation. Creating this is a real challenge, so more thanks even for that.

@Debradelai Would a compromise between 2 and 3 be possible? I mean advertising with the 'free' version and an ad-free subscription service?


What part of "we don't want" and "we want to avoid" did you NOT understand?

How about this: If anybody is game for 3, why not start now?

Are we free or do we need to be told what to do?


This is why I've lost interest in making videos.

People want everything for free, AND they demand control over what I make.

"Do all your research, make a video, and then do it all over again. Oh, and SHUT UP, performing monkey. Just give me what I want. For free."

Actually, no. Sorry.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai
Be my Brain, Thomas!
Be my hands, Thomas!
Be my Feet, Thomas
(Tosses Thomas aside & trundles off in Thomas's shoes)

And you're BAD, BAD, BAD for not falling for it.

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