(1) I found this I post it on Twatter in June 2017, almost two years ago to the day. Again, I need not change a word:

OK. I’ve had it with all of this Putin nonsense. twitter.com/mrdurtal/status/87

All of this talk of good ole Vladimir as a leader began with Trump's now infamous phrase, that the Russian dwarf is

“a better leader than Obama.”

Immediately, the press, carrying the DNC water, latched on to it like flies on shit:

“Trump loves Putin!” calls him a GOOD leader! OMG!


(2) For anybody who spent more than an hour around Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike, the meaning was obvious:


Trump might as well have said:

“My hamster is a better leader than Obama.”

But sarcasm flies over the heads of nincompoops like a flock of Canadian Geese over La Guardia Airport.

(3) In point of fact, while Putin has undoubtedly shown an uncanny capacity for survival in the ruthless world of Russian politics...a good leader he is not.

Under any interpretation of the term.

Far from it.

Insecure and painfully conscious of his limitations, he cultivates a persona directed at the worst instincts of a singularly brutish, impoverished and ignorant populace.

(4) His braggadocio and penchant for bare-chested dominance over four legged creatures is designed to promote an image of manhood he doesn’t quite believe he deserves.

Hence the theatrics.

(5) Churchill, a hundred times manlier in his sleep than Putin on a bear, knew he didn't need those ridiculous antics.

(6) But Hitler, Mussolini, Peron, Saddam and every other little shit with a small brain and a smaller pecker sure did.

(7) It's been said that Putin loves "a version of his country and that’s good."

So did Idi Amin Dada.

Amin, the admired African leader of Barack Obama loved a version of Uganda, alright.

Incidentally, he also loved its citizens livers…medium rare.

(8) So, for all the hubris, Putin is nothing more than the classic petty dictator in all it's banality.

He hangs on to power by the ruthless techniques of his kind: force, intimidation and murder.

His aim is not to improve the lot of Russia and Russians, but to enlarge his already considerable slush fund and satisfy his ego.

Then he meets western journalists, mindless morons who, like Christiane Amanpour having a tingling up her legs before Hassan Rouhani, drool.

(9) Or like Barbara Walters, being “fascinated" by that paragon of leadership, Fidel Castro who, so I was told in Havana, made it to forth base after this one.

(10) Or, perchance, Oliver Stone, having his gonads gone wild in proximity of his macho paradigm while wishing he was Barbara Walters with dear Fidel.

What can I say, Democrats have a weak spot for Dictators.

(11) All for of this is crap.

Russia, once a superpower, under Putin dropped to a GDP lower than Brazil’s (less than half of California’s), and a GDP per capita of $ 8,900. Marginally better than Botswana and below Mauritius.

Way to go, Vlad!

Compare that to over 41,000 in Germany and 57,000 in the US, and Russia’s per Capita GDP places her in the 3rd, going on to 4th, world.

Even by PPP, Russia's Per Capita GDP ranks lower than Argentina and Costa Rica.

Way to go!



(12) This is what so many years of Putin have accomplished.

A piss-poor nation with a famished army living out of the fantasy world of Commie-era propaganda.

Quite a leader, indeed.

Like Trump, I do believe Putin is a good leader, especially when compared to Obama…or my hamster.



Great thread, Saul.
Putin + 0 =🐹 😂😂 Love it!

Thanks for the thread, puts Russia under Putin in proper perspective.


Mr. Montes-bradley?

You've done it again.

@Debradelai Context is amazing!
However, I do have a weakness for
hamsters 🐹 LOL 😝

@Debradelai another excellent thread, thanks. And yes, the current crop of Democrats certainly do seem to have a love affair with fascism. Perhaps they always have had.


Great thread. Had to stop to gather myself after reading "Incidentally, he also loved its citizens livers…medium rare."
Too funny 😂😂

@Debradelai @CancerousToeJam

I'll never look at liver and onions quite the same again ... 🤢

@CancerousToeJam @Debradelai

Yes, Idi Amin Dada was said to engage in cannibalism. I'm not sure why I was initially shocked to read that Obama was a fan. I hadn't heard that. Thanks, Saul for that new piece of info. Unreal!

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