"Bernie Sanders Promises That Soviet Union, Venezuela Aren’t Examples of ‘Failed Socialism’."

He claims they are examples of failed culinary experiments, ruined by the intervention of three-eyed monsters from a galaxy far, far away, who took the cake and ate it preventing its distribution.

How can anybody take any of these imbeciles seriously is, and shall remain, a mistery to me.


I think one reason why Crazy Bernie voters take him seriously is the careful way that collectivists have herded them into an intellectually narrow space where they believe all Republicans are inherently trying to: make the rich richer & the poor poorer; force women to give birth against their will; treat gays as if it's 1919 not 2019; give free semi-autos with unlimited ammo to every home, esp the mentally ill; & invade other countries for oil the US already has.


@GodlessNZ @Debradelai @holymolyrocky

Agreed, but in the same breath will then claim that Republicans are poor, uneducated trailer trash. It's like, which one is it guys??

@lp_1985 @GodlessNZ @Debradelai @holymolyrocky
Any Moderate Dem, and believe it or not know some uneducated trailer trash with hope for real change are voting . The Republican part is an afterthought.

@NotJustMe @lp_1985 @GodlessNZ @Debradelai The failure of the GOP to support Trump wil have long term impacts. The next squish of a Republican wil not get support or traction. We want someone from the President Trump ideology to fight and carry the party going forward.

@holymolyrocky @lp_1985 @GodlessNZ @Debradelai
I was born and raised Democrat in a big city. If I changed my mind a lot of other like minded and wiser than me have as well. Even if they won't say so. The ship is was going down for the USA the last 12 or so years. Captain DJT turned that around.


The last 12 or so years? Can you help me out by being a bit more specific than that?

IMO the USA was doing just fine until January 2009.

@holymolyrocky @lp_1985 @Debradelai

@GodlessNZ @holymolyrocky @lp_1985 @Debradelai
Well the sending manufacturing jobs overseas for profit started before 2009. Dunno or care what party thought it was a good idea. It wasn't. 2009? The year my hard fought for position was replaced. Remember it well. Just glad to see jobs returning.


The sending of jobs overseas started in the 90s, and before.

IMO the US had the ability to withstand a lot of what DC gave it, but once Obama came along, things reached crisis point.

@holymolyrocky @lp_1985 @Debradelai

@Debradelai @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985 I mean if we just count hired helpers (and not grandparents) who here has an American, Saudi, Canadian, Aussie or Emirati nanny or maid? Households make these labor decisions too. It was unions that made corporations pay a decent wage. They would pay pennies if they could get away with it. Without fair trade and labor standards they’ll go to the ends of the earth to get away with it. Corporations don’t CARE about you

@Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985

Fascist propaganda:

"It was unions that made corporations pay a decent wage."

Bullshit. It's market conditions that determine salaries, a product of the supply and demand of labor.

"Corporations don’t CARE about you."

Bullshit. They depend on good quality of labor and satisfied customer. They definitely care about that. The ones that survive at any rate.

Socialist propaganda at its most stupid.

@Debradelai @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985 National strikes were the unskilled labours method for gaining better safer work conditions.


@MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985


Is the go to tool of corrupt assholes to either shake small factory owners or screw the workers.

@MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985

It's not an opinion.

It is a fact.

Show me how the SEIU has improved the lot of unskilled workers.

The Fascist propaganda promoting unions is garbage, and that is not an opinion.

No wonder over 90% of our workforce told the union goons to fuck off.

@Debradelai @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985 SEIU is US I think? I apologise for commenting as I did not realise your post referred to an exclusive area.

@MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985


Take the ficking CGT in Argentina or France, CCOO in Spain, The Fascii in Italy or any other you please.

The same applies to all the societies that have suffered the effect ts of these Fascist scum.

PS: You've used up all the deflections morons are allowed in my book.

Get lost.

@MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @holymolyrocky @lp_1985

If I'm the only reason you are here defending Fascist organizations, you are even stupider than I imagined.

For the second time, DO NOT TAG ME.

@Debradelai @MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @lp_1985

I am not here defending fascist orgs. Somehow i was tagged into the conversation and sat on the sidelines until I piped up and said the pissing contest looked over. At that point i was insulted and told to fuck off.

A problem with qv is when Saul tells us to fuck off its not necessarily clear who the recipient is.

Since he asked if I was drunk or retarded I assume he wasn't talking to you and you are all free to party on.

@holymolyrocky @ @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @lp_1985 😂 GOM rules! Though just in case I will refrain from addressing him and shall omit his name in any replies. Well except for my tiny PayPal monthly donation to his QV funds.

@holymolyrocky @MarieGreen @Hunter @GodlessNZ @NotJustMe @lp_1985

I clearly asked you to fuck off. Always the first tag is the adressee.

But you were too stupid with your remark as you are now.

Now, for the second and last time, untag me.


Concentrate. First tag. You.

Not difficult at al.

Untag and piss off.

Will not ask again.

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