I hope they learn from this! Happy for the family.


Check on Mexico grabbing its ankles today.

Happy endings everywhere.


If I recall correctly, she went to Wellesley and Yale.

Not much different, though.

@Debradelai @bjssunshine
Feels like all colleges in New England are a bit like this. Festering den of SJWs.

@redwhitebluedude @Debradelai @bjssunshine

My son went to a college in Worcester, MA. He was a conservative in a sea of them.

@redwhitebluedude @bjssunshine

No, he actually had a great experience. Stayed there and got his MA. Also met his future wife there.

He mastered holding his own among SJWs.


Thank you, Billie. That’s very sweet of you.

Truth is, he was born with a good head. I’m Republican and dad was a Democrat ( he later came to his senses) but our household was pretty conservative.


This is awesome.

We have been the tail for long enough, it is time we became the head.


EXCELLENT NEWS. Time for the whack jobs at Oberlin to recognize that the rest of this state isn't as deranged as their campus make believe fantasy safe space.

I love this photo from the article!

@Debradelai Yes! That's the only sort of pain we can (legally) do that they'll understand. Just like the Covington lawsuits.

@Debradelai - this is a great way to put a stop to the liberal insanity being pushed by the university systems. sue them into oblivion!

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