(1) Unless you have been under a rock for the last two years, you have been either pestered by, or fallen for the "Q-larp," a singular hoax some folks with an IQ lower than Joe Biden's like to call the "Q Movement."

The fact that their promoters were exposed a long time ago matters not.

@ThomasWic and I have been pointing to them from the start.

Even NBC caught up.


(2) It all started with this "accurate" prediction.

I wonder how Hillary has been feeling in her cell in Gitmo all of this time.

Or was she ever "extradited"?

Do these morons even know what extradition means?

Look at the language around it.

We'll get back to this.

(3) Barely a day later POTUS was "surrounded by generals" already.

Imagine that!

Quite the "bread crumb."

(4) And Soros was on his way to the poorhouse.

I wonder if he knows he donated "all his money."

That would surely come as a surprise to him.

Quite a list of idiocies.

(5) Then, on November 1st, they went over the deep end with this:

"On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out."

Trump the subversive Latin American style dictator.

Crumbs of truth, alright.

(6) Since all of these "predictions" were coming to shit, the style was changed into a more cryptic, Nostradamus like string of imbecilities.

Now the prediction is whatever the moron reading wants it to be.

And the morons kept reading.

A few examples:

(7) But there is a side of the larp few take into account.

One of the first to jump onboard was a White Supremacist pretending to be a New York Jewish lawyer on Twitter.

This son of a bitch:


(8) These guys came straight from this sewer, and were the most prominent peddlers of that other obscene larp, "Pizzagate."

This sewer.

(9) You see, in the darker side of the "Q Movement" from day one, we find the same characters that pestered us with "Pizzagate."

The same ones who hate Rosenstein and Kushner.

The ones that mix some truth with the Federal Reserve, Rosenstein, the Rothchilds...and come up the other side with shit.

Trump was a fool controlled by McMaster, the puppet of Soros and the "Jewish Cabal"!

Hillary, a Satanist!

I bet you she drunk the blood of babies, too, while partying with McMaster.


(10) The crazies soon flocked to it like flies on shit.

One threatened to kill POTUS in Pennsylvania, another was going to blow up Hoover dam, another started a forest fire in California, and the anti-Semites prospered in the melee.

Are all Q foloweres anti-Semitic?

Not by a long shot.

But way too many are, and the canard is being pushed by more of these every day. day.


(11) All of the revelations late last year caused some of the early pushers to distance themselves, even as they resorted to an old circular argument.

No, morons, to expose a hoax is not born out of fear.

It's a matter of sanitation.

We take the garbage out not because it threatens us, but because it smells.

(12) Let's recap some of the most common larps we owe to Q.

Who could forget the "sealed indictments"?

What is it now, one million?

Last I looked they were over 80,000.

Enough to keep the judicial system tied up for a century.

(Q-tips, a hint: look up hyperbole in a dictionary.)

(13) Heck, even the fricking Martians were thrown in for good measure, in addition to Military control of the streets, civilians in Guantanamo, Marines landing in Langley, Trump a prisoner in the White House, shall I go on?

(14) I've always classified the minions of Q in three broad categories:

Q-tips, the mostly harmless folk who read this crap

Q-tards, the morons who believe the larp; and

Q-turds, the asswipes who promote it.

In QuodVerum we have so far taken an almost bening approach. Not always easy.

While it is no secret we discourage the larp, we have been quite tolerant of those who bring cretins like Tracy Beanfartz or Alex Jones through the back door. But this is now getting to be particularly vexing.

(15) Q is not a benign form of entertainment.

It is a serious hoax that promotes illegal and unconstitutional behavior (military patrols, Military tribunals for common criminals, incarceration in Guantanamo for for political opponents), spreads damaging rumors (Trump a prisoner in the White House), propagates conspiracy theories (Judeo-Masonic plans to take over the country, Rothchild conspiracy, Kushner, Rosenstein, et al) and creates unrealistic expectations...

(16) ...thereby setting honest followers up for disappointment (jail time for all and their mothers, 70,000 secret indictments, etc.), a particularly insidious way to undermine the Trump administration.

Why do white Supremacists and Anarchists join in the dissemination of this larp?

Well, call it a marriage of convenience.

They are both collectivists, they are both anti-Semitic and both hate Trump.

(17) But, but!

Q "woke" people and made them research!

Spare me the bullshit.

Q captured the imagination of dolts and sent them on a fool's errand, at best.

Not even that.

It pulled the wool over the eyes of otherwise good people who ended up playing the useful idiot to the manipulations of Tracy Diaz, Jerome Corsi or Paul Furber, or any other unscrupulous character suckling the conspiracy tit.

(20) "Most recently, Tracy has been recognized by Zerohedge, The Gateway Pundit, and Infowars..."

Great company!

She's moving up to the East Side, to a de luxe apartment in the sky...


(21) And the best:

"To me, as an Anarchist..those of us who have been through an evolution...Staying together against the machine, as an Anarchist, a Libertarian or a Republican..."

One can't make this shit up.

The little creep an activist for a "Global Revolution" just about yesterday.

From the horse's mouth. Or from the horse's arse, as you may prefer:


(22) The other two you can find for find for yourselves. Easy peasy.

Enough is enough.

As we go into the election cycle, ours will not be a platform for the likes of Anarchist TracyBeanz to call attention to her destructive crap, or for crazy ass peddlers of hate to sow propaganda.

Nor for any other America-hating SOB to sow discord.

If any of you reading this has any legitimate questions, I am at your disposal for the next 48 hours to answer them.

(23) Q-tips, as long as they do not promote Q will see no changes.

You know the difference between commentary and promotion.

Act accordingly.

(24) Q-tards may get a polite request to abstain.

One request only.

Q-turds, as of June 1st, will no longer be welcome.

This is the only warning they will receive.

I'm getting too old and this place is getting too busy to waste time on people whose interest is not to have a meaningful conversation but to promote a destructive hoax by any means.

No trolls means no trolls.
No spam means no spam.

Or, in other words...

No Q promotion means no Q promotion.



A wonderful and always timely thread, Sir.

I like to call them Qanonsense peddlers too.

I recently had one of them reply to a tweet of mine, tagging in a bunch of others, so I went and carried out prophylactic blocking of the lot of them.


@GodlessNZ @Debradelai

I'll never forget when Thomas was bombarded with Qanonsense that went on for days. That was enough to stop any level of tolerance that I had for Q.

@Elaines2cents @GodlessNZ

I remember that. He even called a truce. His explanation inspired me to create the Q-tip category.

I lost a little over 1,000 followers just blocking them. Still, 2 Twitter suspensions came from reports from Q-turds.

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I remember that! It was like watching a kung fu master whip an entire army of freaks.

@GodlessNZ @Debradelai
My Take has been from Day ONE=
Trump doesn't NEED Q, never has, never will.
People then message me "Well the PEOPLE need Q!!


@DuaneCates @GodlessNZ @Debradelai

It is such a distraction. Then you have people who insert themselves into that to attention whore and hype it. I am put off by how the followers are so deluded.

@DuaneCates @GodlessNZ

You are being generous.

A fountain of disinformation driving a campaign of fear and instability.

If it were done by a foreign power, it would be an act of war.

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@GodlessNZ @Debradelai I do the same, although, since the beginning of the larp, I have avoided mentioning that particular initial on twitter to avoid promoting the nonsense.

@wziminer @Debradelai

Well I'm not going to let Qanonsense peddlers force me to stop even using the letter Q.

I'm a huge Bond films fan and was reading an article about the franchise the other day. I saw the Bond Q mentioned and felt a bit disappointed that the name of such a great character and real life office-holder has been dragged through the mud. So I am reclaiming the real Q of MI6.

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@Debradelai Excellent thread. I never saw the early stages of Q making bold predictions, but I saw a lot of the vague ones. And I couldn't believe it when people would use an event and say, "See! Q predicted it!"

One instance of this was a shooting. I don't remember which one. But they took a vague Q post and used the date or maybe it was the time, and said, "Wow! Q knew this was coming."

Obviously I knew before that Q was a bunch of malarky, but that was the final nail. People are insane.


Thank you very much. Under your leadership QV is become a clean, cool drink of water. Much, much appreciated.

Here, I must say, intelligence levels can't help but be raised as liars, cheats and thieves are pruned away. Better quality, intelligent growth than explosive, flatulent growth.

Q discourse tends to get a bit conspiratorial. It poisons discourse.

@Debradelai your direct, no bulshit way of speaking is so refreshing. I constantly find myself saying "fuck yes! Yes yes yes a thousand times yes!"


I was wondering when you would get around to this.

Imagine all of the great thread time lost dealing with those idiots.

Glad to hear that put to rest.

Now, on with the show!


I only believe what I have researched, seen, heard or laid my hands on proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And while I know a few people who believe in Q, and I think that they are sincerely nice people... the whole thing reminds me of fortune telling.

I am not a prophet, but there are times that I know things ahead of time. When this happens the only time I know what I heard is true, is once it actually happens. And I always give a disclaimer that I could be mistaken.


I would never expect someone to believe something just because I said it.

Heck, My mind changes at times when I receive new facts that clarifies more on a subject.

How can I expect another person to rely on that?

@ilumanous @Debradelai
im so glad i got to meet you here..i appreciate your posts ☺️

@Dawnz @Debradelai

This is a great place. So refreshing to have conversations instead of a bunch of rude people talking over each other.

@Debradelai I was hesitant about joining here because I thought the Q in Quodverum might mean the place was infested with Q conspiracies. I don't have time to filter that foolishness.


We all search for "nothing less than that which is truth."

nihil quod verum minus.

Get it?


I've never read a Q message, or whatever they are.

There's already enough goofy crap on the internet.

Reminds me of the old days, when people said Nostradamus predicted everything that is happening now.


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