(1) Now, many jump on the Adm. Rogers is a hero bandwagon.

Some actually jumped on me in Twatter when I published this.

Sat May 05, 2018

Look well at the picture @Elaines2cents posted here.

General Nakasone taking the command of the NSA from Adm. Rogers.

Remember @Elaines2cents ?

(2) And as you do, let out a sigh of relief.

Had Hillary Clinton won the elections in 2016, one of the stated objectives was to transfer control of the NSA out of military hands to a civilian political appointee.

It was Adm. Rogers who protected us all blowing the whistle on the abuses orchestrated by the Obama administration up to an including spying on the Trump campaign.

(just the tip of the iceberg, by the way)

Yes, a year ago I was using SPYING.

Two years ago, as well.

(3) Now imagine if instead of a man who dedicated and pledged his life to the protection of this nation and its Constitution, that position of awsome power had been in the hands of a political hack dedicated to the preservation of his party.

Imagine if today Adm. Rogers had been forced to relinquish the keys to the NSA to felonious characters like Eric Holder, traitorous vermin like John Brennan or faithless hucksters like James Clapper.

(4) Then get on your knees and thank your lucky stars that the criminal cabal that had the White House for eight long, miserable years, corrupting every Federal agency and making a mockery of our freedoms did not win in 2016.

Then, as we finally root out the miscreants that destroyed the reputation of the FBI, and so many more who violated the public trust and slowly return to the rule of law, make sure to remember the man who saved us all from having our freedoms taken away by those bastards.

(5) But, as you thank your lucky stars, don;t forget to thank Adm. Mike Rogers.

The man the Obama administration wanted to destroy in November 2016.

The man whose dedication, honesty and courage may well have saved this country.

(6) If you think I exaggerate, read this hit piece planted after the elections trying to smear Adm. Rogers and note:

"Clapper has pushed for the separation of leadership roles at the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, and wants the NSA to be headed by a civilian."

(7) The civilian the wicked witch of Chappaqua had in mind was this traitorous vermin:

(8) As you remember Adm. Rogers as the hero he is, do not forget the vermin who tried to besmirch his name and destroy his career to advance their political agenda and impose upon the rest of us an NSA under the control of the most abominable vermin ever to walk the halls of power.

Do not forget.

Do. Not. Ever. Forget.


@Debradelai There are four men who I knew instinctively were and are hard-core patriots from the get go; President Trump, Adm. Rogers, Gen.Flynn and Jeff Sessions. There are others, of course, but they required more contemplative study. These four patriots all stir in me a rare emotion that until 2015 I only had attributed to my father and 2 uncles. That is, I would trust them with my life.

@redwhitebluedude @Baline @Debradelai Agreed. Quietly and without fanfare, willing to take on the moniker of sleeze, he and Sessions did their job for us all. History will tell their story, and so will we!

@Baline @Debradelai Kim you speak for many of us. As a first generation American, who grew up with stories from my ex-pat dad who was born in China and escaped and then again escaped from Hanoi, the one thing I knew from early childhood was America was the shining star of the world. Not a bragging thing--the TRUTH and it was almost destroyed. THANK YOU to men like ADM. Rogers and @GenFlynn for having the backbone we need to carry on.

@JeanK Yes, for sure! However, I did need some time early on to get a read on RR. 🇺🇲 @Debradelai


Thank you again, Saul. I appreciate the fact that you will not let one of us forget. Adm. Rogers saved us all, a true Patriot and I will never forget him. 🇺🇸


That was an outstanding thread! Admiral Michael Rogers and General Michael Flynn are indeed two heros who I hope will get their due recognition in the near future. I like to think they are being guided by St. Michael the Archangel, who lead God’s armies against Satan and the forces of evil.

@Debradelai Thank you sir. I will
not forget, your threads have a
great impact.


I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. I actually cried tears of gratitude watching Adm Rogers handing over the reigns.

Things got a little misty reading your thread once again ... thank you.

Brennan reminds me of "The Thing" from The Fantastic Four.

Except he isn't quite as handsome.

@Debradelai Great reminder! I thank my lucky stars every day that Trump won and we have so many other great patriots with us. I’ll never forget Admiral Rogers’ contributions as well.

@Debradelai @Elaines2cents Fantastic thread! Stu Cvrk, in his thread, doesn't think Adm. Rogers did this to help out President-elect Trump when he went to Trump Tower and warned the Trumps. Not sure with Cvrk's line of reasoning about Adm. Rogers' testimony to Congress as carefully crafted CYA thing under his watch as NSA. Other than Rogers' objection to seeing NSA hand over to a civilian lackey if HRC was Prez.

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