(1) A year ago almost to the date (29 April 2018) I started a conversation about the "Deep State" that Twitter saw fit to interrupt.

Let's start it again.

Few expressions are so misused in our ever so limited political lexicon.

Indeed, it's increasingly difficult to divine the intended meaning anymore.

Whatever group someone dislikes, it gets so labeled and on they go.

So let’s define what it is we mean by "Deep State" before we go any further lest the conspiratorial crowd get too excited.

(2) In the earlier days of the Republic, we had a system in which the party elected to power proceeded immediately to fire all government employees hired by the opposing party, giving the lucrative positions to their own.

To the victor belong the spoils! Hence, the spoils system.

It was something my great-grandma’s 2nd cousin, Nathaniel Hawthorne, learned in 1848.

As the Whigs came in, he lost his job as Surveyor in the Salem Customs House, just a couple of blocks from the family home.

(3) In this case, it turned out to be a good thing.

His misfortune gave us The Scarlet Letter and made him a glory of American Literature.

He had gotten the job in 1839, courtesy of another cousin and fellow student at Bowdoin, Franklin Pierce, then a Senator for New Hampshire and a Democratic Party star whose election to the Presidency in 1852 ought to be studied by those who think nothing ever stays the same.

But I digress.

(4) That system of doling out government jobs to followers as a prize on every election created a lot of discontent among the troops, who had to endure years of famine in between lucrative gigs.

That was true for all concerned.

So they came out with the idea of “professionalizing” government employees, an euphemism meaning "making them fire proof."

Thus, as a new administration came in, top jobs remained a game of musical chairs, just like LatAm governments...but the grunts stayed put.

(5) To make matters more interesting, in 1962, by fiat, JFK did what no one had dared to do before: By EO, he permitted the unionization of government employees, in Italian Fascist fashion, collective bargaining included.

Nixon modified it in 1969, but the cat was out of the bag.

Not even Roosevelt was that crazy.

Not even the Wagner Act had gone that far.

It took the Fascist son of a Hitler admirer to push it forward.

Joe and Jack in Southampton, 1938, when daddy slobbered over der Führer.

(6) The unionization of government employees created a new class of American citizen:

A mass of untouchables who ran the daily business of government and who, through the alliance of their unions with the Democratic Party, created a state within the state.

(7) Government contracts flowed in one direction guaranteeing the unions ever increasing revenues, and these let the campaign contributions flow at the same rate; and an army of “operatives" was ready to stuff envelopes, slash tires or, more recently, write absentee ballots.

If an opponent was elected by chance, he or she’d have to confront a sea of molasses slowing their every move.

Staffers, secretaries, managers, attorneys...doing what they could, at every turn, to hamper their work.

(8) This nameless, faceless bureaucracy; this American nomenclature, is what we may rightfully call the "Deep State."

Let me give you a couple of examples that I think will be in the news soon.

Apparatchik No 1: Tashina Gauhar.

Apparatchik No 2: George Toscas.

The Siamese twins of the DoJ.

The Dinamic Duo of the FISC (Yes, the FISA Court.)

(9)Tashina, once (briefly) a Civil Rights attorney in private practice, was hired by the DoJ as a “General Attorney" (DoJ euphemism for paper pusher) in 2003/2004.

(10) She had a BA from Loyola College and was admitted in the Law School of the University of Maryland in 1997. Do the math.

Now you know what I mean by briefly.

Oh, yes, she was an “associate” at DLA Piper (then Piper Marbury Rudnick and Wolfe, LLP.

(11) Note: The article in the previous toot got it wrong.

In 2002 she was STILL with Piper playing 2nd second banana in bankrutpcy proceedings…Hence my guesstimate of 2003/4 as her entry into D0J.

(12) In 2006, Tashina and George were moved to a new office, a “partnership with U.S. attorneys' offices and the FBI - in what are considered broad national security investigations."

“Toscas and Tashina Gauhar, the DA attorney general for intelligence, have offices next to each other and say they are in constant communication. The division is the liaison between Justice Department headquarters and the intelligence community.”

Look at the 2nd banana go!
Only two years.

(13) Then came Eric Holder, the gun dealer for the Sinaloa Cartel, and in September of 2009, a new division was created.:

A “National Security team”!

And up went Tash and Georgie.

Tashina Gauhar as the "Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Intelligence;" and George Toscas as the "Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Counterterrorism and Counterespionage."

Deep Staters who eat together, stay together.

(14) Guess who carried the FBI’s and Eric Holder's water in FISC requests (yep, the FISA Court)?

Don't take my word for it.

Take a peak here in 2011:

(16) And getting closer to the is our heroine in 2015, always the faithful assistant to none other than the ineffable Sally Yates.

Yes. Sally "Logan Act" Yates. The shrew who created the Flynn canard, got her skanky ass fired by Trump for impersonating the Supreme Court, and to this day peddles the Russia canard as if her life depended on it (maybe it does.)

That Sally.

A match made in Hell.

(17) In 2016, she was making 185,100 as an attorney in the “Offices, Boards and Divisions.” One of the 10% highest paid shysters there.

But was she really working on buildings?

Hell, no.

(18) Remember the dustup with @POTUS and foreign born terrorists in February 2018?

Guess who set him up?

Yep. Tash and Georgie.

Offices and Divisions. Sure.

OK, I'll tell you how she got there in a couple of toots.

(19) Last year their names popped up at the curious messages between Strzok and Page, and who would notice but @_VachelLindsay_, our own @REX

Maybe he'll tell you, because Twatter closed down his account soon after.

Here is the link to his original post.

In other words, here goes nothing.

(20) In that post by @REX, on page 21 of the heavily redacted response for emails relating to Sally Yates we found this:

Classified FISA Matter: "There is a matter relating to Section 702 of FISA that can be briefed by ADAG Tashina Gauhar in an appropriate setting.”

Is there, really?

(Maybe we can talk REX into re-posting the docs.)

But enough niceties. How did Tashina darling end there (after all, a promise is a promise.)

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Another interesting and educational thread. Thank you for this.

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@Debradelai @REX
I remember it well. Every time they would ban Rex, I'd be Jonesin waiting for his return.
Thanks for QV Saul.

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@Debradelai @REX and twatter does it again! Censorship of facts they don't want known.

@Debradelai @REX
I just put this out on twitter, wonder if they suspend me? I don't care

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@Debradelai He is one who hid quickly when things started to turn. How did he and Jarrett stay far from the line of sight these past 3 years? Even Obama didn't stay as clear out of sight as Jarrett and Holder.


Brilliant. May I add:

The duplicate duo of DOJ duplicity

My wife and I had a discussion about this issue several weeks ago. My basic premise was the unionization of government workers became a self sustaining grift.

A very corrupt symbiotic relationship between government and employees that defies remedy.

Thanks for your historical summary of the massive problem that plagues us today.

@robbakas @Debradelai

Can’t have gubmint unions. Inherent conflict of interest.

@Debradelai Then we got the Fair Labor Standards Act that meant non-union contractors had to pay union wages on Government contracts even though there was no equivalency, planting trees for example.

@Debradelai wow it is amazing how little people know . He has forever been on a pedestal and admired by many on both the right and left . Fascinating thread.


One of the worst things ever done to our country, but our own elected.


My favorite scene in the musical Evita!

"Politics. The art of the possible."

@Debradelai IMO your best thread Don Saúl... and you have so many!👏👏👏


This thread illustrates why it is so important to have a media beholding to none. (Fuck you msm)

Without the new media such as QV, these nuggets of abhorrent truths would always remain hidden.

Again, Fuck you msm...

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