We are fast approaching 8,000 users, and the bills are growing. So far this month we are close to 1,000 behind.

To all of you who contribute, THANKS.

To those who do not, please consider that we do not mine data and there is no advertising here.

We depend on voluntary contributions to keep this place running.

Is QuodVerum worth two latte's per month?

If so, please use the link in the toot box and become a subscriber.

We can only succeed together.

Thank you, Saul.
I'm quite embarrassed to have not contributed to this day.
Please don't take this as an excuse. Honestly, my hands are currently tied, but I make this public promise to definitely do so when I can.
Thank you once again! 🙏

@Debradelai Certainly!
If there are any new instructions on what email I should send it to, please inform me.


Thank you!

Every little bit helps.

Hey, if every user contributed 2 (two) dollars per month we'd be humming.

@Debradelai @virgilkane

Most fast food meals are now around $10. It would be great if each of us could give up one burger combo a month to keep this site going. Consider this forum food for our brain cells without the fat and calories. 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

@SandyisGettingSteamed Done. Gave a one time gift for now. May do ongoing sometime in the future, as I'm intrigued by the prospect of marriage to such a brilliant mind!😊

@Debradelai @virgilkane Saul, I actually feel guilty coming to this site Bc I haven’t been able to contribute. I assumed (yes, I know what happens when that happens) I honestly thought if I couldn’t drop at least 50 bucks, I’d be no help. So glad I read your toot. I can definitely do 5 bucks a month. Even tho that makes me feel like Im cheating you guys Bc of all the hard work y’all have done. (You guys deserve so much more) I’ll gladly offer more when my life gets straightened out a bit more.

@Debradelai @virgilkane come on people! It’s the least we can do! Great content.

@Debradelai @virgilkane Would like to bump it up but don't see how to do that. If I select an amount will it replace what I currently give or will it add to it?

@Cabernet @virgilkane

If you have a subscription, you can sign in and modify the amount.

Another way is to "unsubscribe" and create a new subscription.



I thought I'd tell you that one of my favorite uncles growing up was a chap named Rocco Cuzzi.

Also a Virgil fan.

@MusicMan220 @Debradelai
Thanks... we're all in this together... it's the absolute best investment I've ever made in myself and all of my friends here...welcome aboard friend...😉👍

@Debradelai I would be more than happy to contribute, but I do not do money online. Is there a P.O. box I can send money to? Yes, I am a total dinosaur.


Ha! Dinosaur, indeed.

P.O. Box 306
Halifax, VA 24558

Make it payable to me. No Quodverum account...yet.

@Debradelai Huge thanks for this, Saul! Have wanted to give for a while, but never had a way to do it.
Will be happy to make it out as you say.

@Debradelai Done. I've never subscribed or donated to anything online before.

I'm on a fixed income (disability) and hey if I can do this, anyone can. US$2.50 a week.

Paying my way instead of freeloading is a good feeling. So un-New Zealand LOL.

🇺🇸 🦅

@GodlessNZ @Debradelai

Hurricane....I’ll contribute for both of us. Seriously-I feel for anyone on a fixed income.


@Tatonka You are a star. When I was on a six figure income I would have made my monthly subscription much higher than what it is now.

I also should have managed my money better but oh well. An expensive life lesson.


@GodlessNZ @Debradelai

I’m thankful to be able to afford it and embarrassed I haven’t contributed yet.

@Tatonka @Debradelai

"Guilt is a wasted emotion." I prefer to try to learn from the past but always keep looking forward.

I've slowly come to see that my stress bunny responses in the past contributed some to my chronic illness, and since working on this, my health has been slowly improving. Life is precious. Don't waste even minutes of it feeling guilty about what you cannot change.

Change what you can.

(And you are doing that.)

@MEMA @Tatonka @Debradelai

thank you Mary and right backatcha. what goes around comes around.❤️

@Tatonka @GodlessNZ @Debradelai
💛 you friend have a heart of gold.. God's blessings on you...

@GodlessNZ @Debradelai If the Fooknut Academics can give Honorary BS degrees we can give you an honorary American Citizen Degree! Congrats!

@GodlessNZ @Debradelai

Agreed. I am in the same place.

But, you can thank POTUS for this monthly donation from me. My tax return made it possible!

@Debradelai Just added to the Quod in celebration of TRUMP day! 😃 . Hope everyone who can help, will do so to keep this great site going.

@Dawnz Did you open the Crown yet? I never made it to the store, (dang job thingy got in the way) so I just made a martini instead.🍸

lol, nope 😂 ..Ive had it for two years, i should open it one day,lol

@Debradelai I always hear people say they wish there was an alternative to twitter and facebook that was run by conservatives. Well Saul has put it together so now put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise the leftists with all their dirty tricks win.

@Debradelai Everyone who enjoys being a part of QuodVerum should conside giving what you can afford each month. I seldom say anything but i truly appreciate having an alternate to the other site. I contribute what I can each month.

@Debradelai Hi Saul, I've previously inquired about increasing my monthly donation, but am unclear how to best proceed, as the option wasn't readily apparent in PayPal through the link. Please advise.

I believe you can change your subscription using the email Paypal sent you to confirm.

In the webpage (or the toot box) the only way is to "unsubscribe" and then create a new subscription.

@Debradelai Thank you sir. I'll try the PayPal option first. If that doesn't work will a second subscription do anything strange to my current QVS account? Or is that basically an unassociate funding pass through portal?

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