On Jan 14, 2018, @dianeseaman posted a unique video of Saddam's minions experimenting with chemical agents on animals as part of their chemical weapons development program.

It was original material, straight from Saddam's WMD facilities.

Twitter and Youtube deleted it within hours, and Diane's Twitter account was deleted as well.

One day we will post it again.

This material should not be censored.

It also inspired a series of threads, also obliterated by Twitter.

Here's the first part:

Sun Jan 14 06:24:55 +0000 2018

(1) @dianejsaman added an interesting piece to the puzzle.

We will discuss it further.

It’s about time we dispel some myths about the Iraq war.

(2) For that we have to go back to 9/11.

For most of you, terrorism burst into your living rooms on the morning of September 11, 2001 in spectacular fashion.

For many of us, it was a constant presence since the 70s.

A way of life.

(3) Names most of you don’t even know were a daily occurrence for us.

Brigate Rosse,
Tigers of Tamil Elam

and HUNDREDS more; not to mention, yes, the “Islamic” ones:

Abu Nidal,

(4) But we did know them. Hijacked planes and cruise ships, bombs, murder, hostages.

Do you remember the bomb at the train station in Bologna?

I do.

2 Aug, 1980. 85 dead, 200 wounded. Did they yell Alahu akhbar?


NAR and Terza Posizione Fascists would yell “Christus Rex.”

(5) How about the one I survived in Paris?

Older followers already know, but here it goes.

15 July 1983. Six dead. 65 wounded. Look at the headline…

(6) Or maybe this one?

Arafat’s “Freedom Fighters,” Obama’s darlings, the ones with an embassy in Washington thanks to Barry and the Hildebeast, (PLO for the slow), took Israeli athletes hostage at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

[Note: President Trump finally kicked the asshats out in 2018]

(7) The sons of bitches tortured for hours and mutilated 11 olimpians before killing them.

They castrated weight-lifter Yoseff Romano forcing the rest to watch.

Those are your Palestinian fucking heroes.

(8) Or this one?

Achille Lauro. 7 October 1985. Palestinians, again.

This time, a splinter group of the PLO, Fatah Revolutionary Council, also known after it’s founder, Abu Nidal Organization.

(9) Among the glorious acts of these vermin, they threw Leon Klinghoffer overboard.

A man in a wheelchair whose heinous crime was being an American and a Jew.

(10) Which brings us back to the beginning.

Abu Nidal (Sabri Khalil al-Banna), believed to have planned the Munich attack before splitting on his own in ’74, was the SOB responsible for this group.

Dozens of attacks between 1974 and 2002 (Google them)

Like these:

(11) He was in Baghdad for quite a while, living under the protection of Saddam Hussein in a villa property of the Iraqi secret police while he rained terror all over the world.

(12) At the time of 9/11, Abu Nidal was running an operation in Baghdad, training asswipes at Salman Pak in an old carcass of a plane on how to…

Take control of an airplane using box cutters.


[Note: Diane later told me about her experiences inspecting Salman Pak. Chilling. Maybe some day...]

(13) In Aug 2002, Saddam began to feel the heat.

The paranoid twerp imagined that Nidal was working with Egypt, Kuwait and the US to snitch on Iraqi/al-Qa’ida connections (yes, they were real),

(14) and it is said that Nidal killed himself while being interrogated buy his landlords, the Mukhabarat…with multiple gunshots.

Resourceful man.

(15) Perhaps Saddam just suspected that Nidal would sell his mother and throw his daughter in the bargain if the price was right and just wanted to get rid of him just in case.

(16) The good news?

Abu Fucking Nidal, the terrorist who piled up corpses around the world for 30 years became one with the cosmos on 16 August 2002, and the rest of his organization was bombed into oblivion by the US in April of 2003.

(17) Find me one attack by the Abu Nidal Organization since.


I double dare you.

You won’t find any.

Dead terrorists are like Jeff Dunham’s Ahmet.

They do not kill anybody.

(18) Oh, yes, The Guardian, that stalwart of Freedom and Democracy, called the SOB “the patriot turned psychopath” in its obituary.

Under what circumstances was he a "patriot" they did not say.

I will not argue with psychopath.

Think about that.

(19) Who else was in Iraq at the time?

If you guessed al-Qa’ida, you are right.

Abu Mu’sab al-Zarkawi, a close asswipe to bin Laden and commander of a terrorist training camp in Herat, he fled to Iran during the US invasion of Afghanistan.

This son of a camel:

(20) Yes, Iran.

The Mullahs were always ready to assist al-Qa’ida and always did.

After nearly a year in Iran, Zarkawi moved back to Iraq where he set up shop under Saddam,s protection in 2002.

He’d been there before.

(21) In fact, he had set up shop in 1999, after being released from prison on an amnesty, in the SE edge of the Kurdish area near the Iranian border (Halabja), where he founded Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, a precursor to Ansar al Sunni (Al Qa’ida in Iraq) and ISIS/ISIL/Da’esh.

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@TechnoGeezer @Debradelai This is one to save. We tend to look at small snippets and forget the larger picture. This is the larger picture.

I remember the Achille Lauro.
I think that incident brought my awareness into play that globally, all was not well at all.


I remember a lot of these from the news in the 70s & 80s, but it still surprises me to go back to the history of the period and see how much more of this was going on than I remember.


One week out from deployment to Tehran, was setting in the Day Room watching the events in Munich. The Black September Group. Yasser Arafat. August 1972.

You are entirety correct. It has stayed with me in every detail. Then on the way, the German Army presence in the Frankfurt airport with weapons on the ready.

The restrictions on passengers while on the ground in Istanbul and Beirut.

On alert when Yom Kippur started. October 1973.

My entire adult life.

@Debradelai I will never forget the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings and Leon Klinghoffer being murdered and thrown off the cruise liner. That is what made me aware of the murdering bastards. I remember incidents before that but it never really hit me as I was too young.

Leon Klinghoffer, never forget.

@Debradelai This thread competes for the No. 1 spot in my list of favorite Saul Montes-Bradley II threads ever.

Thanks are also due to @dianeseaman

Both of you brought verified facts to the debate about this subject. Absolutely Saddam had WMDs of various types and the capability to develop more of them.

Even without that, IMO the invasion would have been justifiable, but it certainly strengthens the case for it.

@Debradelai @dianeseaman
I lived this also BUT sadly I kept living my normie life of total amnesia. This needs to be retold to younger people. Thank you, you are our teacher/historian. My 21 year old grandson reads you Rex and grumpy Thomas Wick now that I stoked his interest.

@Debradelai @dianeseaman Growing up as an American in Germany, I clearly remember the activities of the RAF and the Red Brigades as terrorism was front and center on local media; newscasts from the United States, not so much.

@Debradelai It was Biological weapons (botulinum toxin in the video I posted, but there were others as well). Thank you for providing a venue for the truth.

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