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"The Dismal Eight"

Sat Dec 23 2017

(1) When the history of the Obama years is written, they will come to be known as the Dismal Eight. The time in which our system of checks and balances was intentionally dismantled by an amoral cabal bent on imposing its will on the American people.

(2) As it usually happens when arbitrariness and abuse of power are introduced into any form of government, corruption ensues.

Corruption starts at the head, and spreads like a cancer through the body politic.

(3) I am not talking about the corrupt cop taking a bribe to look the other way, or the politician to support a particular piece of pork, or a Senator from NJ flying in nubile Dominicans, or a Congressman from Louisiana stuffing payouts in his freezer.

(4) That is surely corrupt. But its impact is limited.

I am talking about the kind of corruption that destroys countries:

The kind of corruption that can destroy the foundations of our Republic and turn our country into a nightmarish tyranny.

(5) There are a few things that separate us from such doomsday scenario.

And those few things are part of the system of checks and balances our Founding Fathers envisioned to protect us from that very danger.

(6) When checks and balances disappear, so do our liberties.

When Justice is no longer blind, government officials can turn the machinery of the state against its own citizens and impunity becomes the norm, we all become slaves of the state and our Liberty, a thing of the past.

(7) That is the corruption I am talking about:

The corruption of our institutions of government, not that of a particular official.

And that is the corruption the Obama administration ushered in and nurtured to a degree the mind refuses to accept

(8) When an Attorney General can bury a blatant case of voter intimidation with the complicity of a cabal controlling Congress, and then send truckloads of weapons into the hands of criminal and terrorist organizations with impunity.

(9) When the Federal Government can use the IRS as a weapon to silence the opposition with the complicity of a venal and subservient press.

(10) When the Department of State is used to advance the interests of one person above those of the nation and destroy the country’s ability to react to changing threats around the world…

We are in trouble.

(11) But when the FBI becomes a political police, unhinged from any kind of control and run roughshod over anyone who opposes the political aims of the party in power…well, that is a whole new level of corruption.

And that is exactly what has been going on.

(12) During the presidential campaign last year @GenFlynn repeatedly stated that it was a campaign to determine what country our children and grandchildren would inherit.

That was no political rhetoric.

It was, if anything, an understated fact.

(13) Had the people who corrupted our system of government and turned it into a political ram to silence the opposition as they enriched themselves while constantly expanding their powers, I now believe our Democratic form of government would have not survived.

(14) The cabal at the 7th floor of the Hoover Building, led by this monstrous character, systematically persecuted anyone who would stand in the way using every resource at their disposal under the protection of that hag…

[the one on the right, of course...]

(15) It did not matter if Congress was controlled by subservient minions of Nancy Pelosi who did not care to look or cantankerous Republicans rendered toothless by the systematic refusal of the DoJ to follow through.

(16) They personally persecuted and destroyed the lives of anyone in their paths. They ruined them professionally, and then went after them personally.

Goon's tactics to instill fear in the ranks.

(17) Do as we tell you or loose you life, your family and your home was the message.

In the process, they dismantled one of the most effective anti-terror teams this country ever had at the time we needed them most.

(18) The quashing of Project Cassandra is the tip of the iceberg.

The best and brightest agents working to protect this country from terrorist attacks were made targets of this cabal.

Their expertise, their dedication and their knowledge tossed aside.

(19) We are paying a huge price for that, and will continue to do so.

How many terror plots have or will occur that could have been prevented we might never know.

(20) But however many, the blood of Americans is in the hands of these latter day Himmlers who thought nothing of raping our Constitution, corrupting our institutions, destroying lives and rendering our citizens defenseless for the sake of their Führer and lining their pockets

(21) And when the elections did not go the way they expected, they turned our own institutions upside down in a seditious attempt to subvert our Democracy.

(22) I cannot yet say much more than that.

But I can say this:

McCabe lied through his teeth at the Congressional hearing. He’s toast.

Eric and Loretta are no longer there to cover his ass.

(23) We WILL have news soon, perhaps before February, certainly before May, and his minion Strzok is in no better shape.

(24) But the real question is how far the investigation can reach.

Like I said at the beginning, corruption starts at the top, and it is imperative that the investigation go as far as it possibly can.

(25) To restore the integrity of our institutions and the Rule of Law is the most important task facing the administration.

To expose those who violated the public trust and brought us to the brink of tyranny is indispensable to ensure that the damage's repaired.

(26) We’ve all heard this before: The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance; and we are never more than a generation away from tyranny.

We have come to the edge this time, and narrowly averted ours being that generation that lost it.

(27) But we are not out of the woods yet.

I WILL stay on this.

There is no more important issue before us.

But first, we have to drain this swamp.




16 hours after I finished this thread, somebody else took notice.

This is what I was referring to by news before February.

The wheels are turning.

@KenLarkin @Debradelai Agreed. It was so prescient, and we are now seeing the real fruits of their labor beginning to unfold. I've got popcorn at the ready, and I never eat the stuff.

@FedUppp @redwhitebluedude @Debradelai
I know this is a while later, however.. What a gift you unknown national treasure.. this is an truly timeless piece.. really hope the thread on B O finds it's way as well..thank you "our Saul"..

@Debradelai awesome thread Saul. Wish I could toot it all over the world.

@Debradelai Superb. I remember reading this on Twitter also. It has even greater meaning now that the curtain has been pulled back.

@Debradelai I'm glad this surfaced as I had not had the pleasure until now. Thank you.

That post is one ive always remembered and always will.It gave me chills rereading it now just as it did the first time I read it.I had never read anything so compelling. Its what woke me up to what really was happening around us,It was my wakeup call.

xxd Z @Dawnz @Debradelai

Me too. I still refer to the Obama Years as the *Dismal Eight.* I just couldn't recall who said it.

I am pissed and-encouraged- all over again.

One of my fav threads- ever!

This is definitely a great thread. Considering that you wrote this almost 2 years ago, we can see how things are starting to play out. This thread needs to added to the articles page.

@Debradelai Saul,
Am I allowed to re-post this on twitter & such?
It could be a boost for QV as well as informative

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