So this punk has two documented psychotic episodes. One requiring removal of his knives and sword. He made threats towards others and himself.
But somehow when he turns 21 he purchases 2 rifles legally? He had no job and lived on his father and uncles property.
Given his huge internet footprint with all kinds of red flags, no one saw this coming. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

@DeWalt Deja Vu. Same as the Texas shooter. Where does the money come from? I keep smelling rats.
This one has an autistic look.

@ChaplainEric @DeWalt wonder if any psych drugs were taken, given by a psycholigist🤔not an excuse

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
It'll come out eventually.
I'd like to know how you can be disarmed by police and turn around and purchase 2 rifles.
Unless they were private sales.

@DeWalt @ChaplainEric no idea, you have to get fingerprinted (very basic) so how were there no records of his confrontation with police? Lots of questions little answers

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
He wasn't arrested, no confrontation with Police. Only family.

@DeWalt @ChaplainEric right, so arent there complaints put in the system even if no arrest?

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
Yes, if you are disarmed for a domestic violence issue or Baker Acted it's in the system.
Leastways in Florida.

@DeWalt @ChaplainEric with all their no gun laws for the masses bet they dont have one🙄
Probably no updated computer programs connecting them either, defund police morons

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
🤷‍♂️ Seems if their Governor is going to preach to the Nation they should put their shit in one sock.

@DeWalt @Lemonhead @ChaplainEric

Media report said the family refused to press charges.

Some families don't want the embarrassment. I don't know the reason for their refusal.

@Wendy @Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
In Florida, Law Enforcement can initiate charges.
If I have to remove your weapons? I'm not leaving you in the house. Your at least going to a 72 hr facility.
That is where Law Enforcement is negligent. And we wonder how these people fall through the cracks?
Willful Blindness

@ChaplainEric @DeWalt

Following the money is a great thread to pull. The "this one has an autistic look" is a herring (in my opinion). A lot of folks who are law abiding citizens might have an "autistic look".

@cultofskaro @ChaplainEric @DeWalt

There are a number of physical features that can be considered ‘red flags’ for specific syndromes. In this particular case: Wide-set eyes, small eye openings, thin upper lip and smooth philtrum, small head diameter and underdeveloped jaw all point to fetal alcohol syndrome. Then again, he could just be the recipient of a less-than-attractive set of genes.

Bottom line, good parenting is the key no matter what kind of genetic baggage the kid inherits.

@ChaplainEric @DeWalt Fetal alcohol syndrome is associated with all kinds of behavioral issues that could lend to aggression, psychiatric problems, etc

@Give_Me_Liberty @ChaplainEric @DeWalt

Well, lot of "conditions" could be. Yet what is key is fruit of the tree.

The guy has been living with Dad and not working for 3 years, in early 20's. 2 police encounters of violent behavior, and threatening to kill people (his fam)... the second which got his copious knife collection removed from home. He was known to authorities. Known as an unbalanced threat by his coddling family.

Look at his photos. No matter the root condition. He is a nutjob.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Give_Me_Liberty @ChaplainEric @DeWalt. He reminds me of the murderer Joel Gray, Jr. whose case I was watching a few videos of. Only difference is Joel had no previous priors...but his first crime was a revolting murder of his parents who coddled him the same way. He was also on psych medication most of his life.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @ChaplainEric @DeWalt Agreed. There's just something strange about his appearance and FAS may have been a factor in the coddling. I'm not looking to excuse his actions or blame anything except him.

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