On psychopaths.

Professor Sam Vaknin puts into stunning, poetic words why we have nothing to fear from psychopaths.

It's a 24-minute video, so watch it when you can concentrate.

Hollywood conditioned the public to fear psychopaths.

So did our literati and academics.

But the FAKE description of psychopaths reminds me of what Islamist terrorists used to say:

"We love death the way you love life, so we will win."

Let's deconstruct
THAT steaming pile of horse manure.

One, Islamist terrorists as a group most certainly did NOT love death.

They surrendered in droves, and their leaders never risked a precious whisker of their OWN pious beards.

Two, when the enemy senselessly throws away his life, by definition he will lose.


The Islamic State put their best men into suicide units called the Inghemasiyoun.

"Those who immerse themselves."

The best-trained, most-experienced men were Inghemasiyoun.

So, who can see the problem of killing all your best men?


You kill all your best men.

This is why the Germans of World War One abolished assault battalions and instead trained the entire army to be shock troops.

These are Home Guard, some of whom are in their fifties.

The assault battalions were comprised of only unmarried volunteers 27 and younger.

They suffered extremely high casualties.

When the entire army was trained as shock troops, the high command discovered that husbands, fathers,and grandfathers didn't fight as hard as the young single men.

They wanted to live.



Even with new tactics, the Germans did extremely well.

Now, the Imperial Japanese were ALL suicide troops.

They lost badly against citizen-soldiers who wanted to live.

In the end, those who love life will always defeat those who love death.

When you know that life is precious, you take actions that have long-term ramifications, such as engendering good will in the former enemy.

The world becomes a better place.

People on this very forum tell us constantly that the other side is winning.



Defeatists have been conditioned by the very people who the defeatists claim they want to fight.

When Trump was elected, the country was much worse off than it is now.

We don't know what Trump's plans are, but he says we'll be happy with them.

Having studied history, I never expected a total lack of setbacks, especially given the stakes.


Maybe I’ve been living in California too long but from where I sit the other side has won a lot of things.

They got Trump out of the White House, they stopped quite a bit of his agenda, the southern border has been reopened to unchecked illegal immigration, they stopped Trump’s water plan in California, inflation is up, gas prices are up, crime rates are up, etc.

In the long run, hopefully this will all turn out for the best and things will change for the better.

We’ll see!

@karnage @ThomasWic

I've got to weigh in here.

They stopped the executive orders of his agenda, not all of it.

Trump was not Obama.

Obama was Mr "I have a pen and a phone."

Trump got laws passed, and when he couldn't AND he knew it was an executive branch power? That's when he made an EO.

As far as the economy...

The Democrats are either blindingly stupid, or they're liars, but most likely both...

@karnage @ThomasWic

I remember an exchange between Romney and Obama that should have gotten Romney into office...

If he had seized on it and fought.


@karnage @ThomasWic

Obama on gas prices:

"He said when I took office, the price of gasoline was 1.80 (dollars), 1.86 (dollars). Why is that? Because the economy was on the verge of collapse; because we were about to go through the worst recession since the Great Depression as a consequence of some of the same policies that Governor Romney is now promoting. So it's conceivable that Governor Romney could bring down gas prices, because with his policies we might be back in that same mess."

@karnage @ThomasWic

So, either Democrats have no fucking clue how supply and demand works, or they just want to gaslight people into believing that low gas prices are terrible.

The economy can be fixed. If Trump was still in office, it will be.

And unless you get diagnosed with a terminal illness before 2024, you'll live to see it.

@Ryanownby @karnage @ThomasWic

All of Leftism can be encapsulated in this saying.

"What do I need to say or do to get you to do what I want."

They don't care. They don't pump their own gas. It isn't about ignorance, but apathy. Most politicians in DC thoroughly despise the people they represent. They only care for themselves and care nothing for you or anyone else.

@ManuelCerdan1 @karnage @ThomasWic

Republicans get into politics to hold office, Democrats do it to wield power.

That's the best way I've ever heard it put.

@Ryanownby @ManuelCerdan1 @karnage @ThomasWic
Many start with good intentions. But they are mentored by unscrupulous people. They begin to crave the Dinner parties, private clubs, and the attention lavished on them. Before they know it they are owned.

@DeWalt @ManuelCerdan1 @karnage @ThomasWic

To quote J.M. Smith:

"If you dance with the devil, then you haven’t got a clue, for you think you’ll change the devil, but the devil changes you."

@karnage @Ryanownby @ManuelCerdan1 @ThomasWic
The only use I have for anything Hollywood. Great YouTube video bites.

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