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This theory has proven amazingly accurate. Written in the 70's. I would say we have abundant proof of this now.

Something else that hasn't been mentioned.
If the Bank Executive and Loan Officers were aware of Trump's alleged Fraud (they testified they were) and jeopardized the Banks position and Stock Holders interest, wouldn't that make them CoConspirators?
Why aren't they being charged?

Add these two Fools to the list of broken TDS idiots.

All of the NY developers are watching this.
This Affirmative Action DA and Buffoon Judge are Fools.
Remember, it only takes one Fool to sink a ship.
Here you have two.

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@DawnM @PoserIndex

Same. I don't see any additional crowd draw with Haley, but that's just my worthless gut.

Even Kari Lake, who I do think brings massive energy, would strike me as all MAGA (redundant). I don't know about women's votes or independent crossovers.

I do love that I can't even venture a strong guess at this point. Keep everyone guessing.

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McCarthy: Trump Should Choose Nikki Haley For VP Position...

" “If I was a political person, and I was going to advise somebody, you’re going to pick the vice president that’s about addition, not subtraction. So you’re not going to pick somebody that already equates to you,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) told Andrew Ross Sorkin.

“Now if I was picking for purely political decisions, what it looks like today is the anti-Trump vote is going to Nikki Haley,” he added. "

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@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @Donjanusgjrdrm @BirdDog

Regarding strong voices in tandem with action and accountability, I haven’t seen or heard anything resembling a unified backlash against societal rot in the last couple of decades. Trump made some progress during his brief time in office, but it’s woefully inadequate when held up against the magnitude of the problem. Those who are waiting for Trump to rescue society had better realize that even he won’t be able to stop this tidal wave.

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This has potential for major implications on the economy..

Supreme Court to consider ‘quadrillion-dollar question’ in major tax case

This all boils down to whether the federal government can tax certain types of “unrealized” gains, which are property like stocks or bonds that people own but from which they haven’t directly recouped the value, so they don’t have direct access to the money that the property is worth.

And was held at gunpoint until Deputies arrived.

Third degree Felony

Left coast Lefty should have stayed home.

Notice he has no bond? In Florida it means you don't get out.
And your past criminal record is very relevant in court.

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Caught this locally this morning.

Dumbass from Washington State
comes to Florida. Fucks around and finds out.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Status: In Jail Visitation Status: Allowed
Booking No: HCSO23JBN000576 MniNo: HCSO19MNI002975
Booking Date: 11/28/2023 03:30 PM
Age On Booking Date: 34
Bond Amount: $0.00
[+] 812.014.3c 19-413-CF (HAMILTON COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE) LARC T F $5000.00

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GODLEY, Texas - A woman tasked with helping decide sexual education curriculum in Godley ISD has been removed from multiple positions within the district because she's a convicted prostitute.

A FOX 4 investigation also found she is advertising herself online as an escort.

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@QuillClemens @redwhitebluedude

That’s for sure, almost all is garbage! I repeat sitting through Napoleon was not enjoyable! Very little dialogue, mostly soulful stares & war scenes. TV sucks, movies suck , I’m great full I like to read!

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(The Center Square) — New Jersey Gov. Murphy has signed a bill eliminating a requirement for teachers to pass a basic skills test as part of a broader effort to alleviate the state's educators shortage.

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Judge prevents parents from stopping their teenage daughter from having transition surgery. Will this whack job judge be there a couple years down the road when this kid realizes she mutilated herself based off a bunch of bullshit propaganda put out by the LGBTQ? Absolutely not! The parents will. I don’t understand how a judge can remove parental rights in cases such as this.

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