1. OK I wouldn't normally do this but given the DMs and also emails, let me say a few words about....


Saul @Debradelai is not going to be amused but if I may ask his genius to indulge me, that would be much appreciated.

Also I'd like my thoughts to be shared on twitter with Praying Medic (great guy), X22 (amazing), RedPillNews and Methods.

Plus my old buddy Joe Mascapoe.

Here goes.

2. Most of you would know that I'm a Q agnostic.

My view is that Q can't be some lameass troll. By now the effort required would be too much for a troll, or even a team of trolls.

I'm pretty confident it's a pro-Trump team. Apart from that it's hard to work out how close they are to Trump's inner circle.


3. All I want to do here is to open up new thinking on Q. Assuming the mighty Q army is correct, my hope is that my thoughts may end up getting Q observers to connect new dots.

So, here goes.

4. Thing is, I used to be quite gifted at math.

As well as ancient history, especially Greek and Roman.

So here's the thing. The ancients discovered something we call 'the golden ratio', or 'Phi'.

The number - 1.618 =~ 1.7) has always been considered a godlike number.

Here's the ancient symbol for 'Phi'.

5. It is a godlike number because it defines human explanation.

It's an irrational number with terms that go on forever after the decimal point, without repeating.

And yet it is also the basis for multiple examples of human genius. In short, it's fascinating.

And VERY Trumpian.


6. I'm not going to try and apply it to Q.

I'm too lazy, for starters.

BUT if I was I'd start with this sequence

10, 17, 28. Why?

The first Q tweet was 10/28/17, I believe.

So, 10+17+ (1) = 28.

Observe - the NEXT number in the sequence must be :

28 + 17 + (1) = 46.

Then, 46 + 28 + (1) = 75.


7. And so forth.

That's all I have.

Q folk can search for any meaning that may exist.

Do you use the original Q post as A in the alphabet? If you use Q's first post date and project ahead, does a pattern emerge?

Bear in mind - Q may in fact be the ancient letter for the golden ratio. And that find may be extremely significant.

Maybe. Over to you, Q people.

I hope that this opens up new thinking. I have no answers.

Please do let me know.

The end.

@REX not sure if im allowed to like this thread 😅


Not sure I'm allowed to write it BUT the phi letter was too interesting to ignore.

Let's see what the Q army do with it.

@REX @watch4thedrop

Interesting, indeed. It also looks like a stylized, inverted birdie.

Now, turn it around.

Don't make me change my opinion of you, and don't open your mind yo much your brain falls off.

You want to discuss this absurd larp?

Do it on Twatter, Coast to Coast or some other lunatic asylum.

@Debradelai @REX @watch4thedrop
👏👏👏...Rex, knowing full well what this platform is and is not for better than a year leads me to believe, based upon his own words, in several of his threads, did violate, even knowingly, repeatedly as if to taunt us throughout his thread, did so in such a way that imo, was contrived, and in doing so assumed
he held a position here that put him above the rest of us.He knew the few rules we all agreed to. It was a chicken shit's way to announce his true calling.


@MEMA @Debradelai @REX @watch4thedrop

@MEMA I decided it best to just not comment to him and used the "zipped lips" emoje. I wanted to tell him to delete his post,that one day he might regret posting it. But he's smart. And knew what reaction he'd get.I found the whole thing odd.And disrepectful to Saul

@Dawnz @Debradelai @REX @watch4thedrop
I know dear sister how you felt..I think it likely surprised if not shocked a lot of people to see him be so deliberate in his defiance and disrespect, really pissed me off, what an ingrate..he's been inconsistent in his messages for a while..we all go through "sh:t, but this..he is smart enough anyway, but he willingly jumped ship to fast and in such a way that he had his excuses all lined up neatly and ready to go making Saul and all of us the bad guys..

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