1) A look at Ocasio-Cortez's new challenger in 2020
Scherie Murray, a New York businesswoman who immigrated from Jamaica as a child and is active in state Republican politics, is launching a campaign Wednesday for the congressional seat held by Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Fox News has learned. In a phone interview, Murray, 38, confirmed her intention to run for the New York congressional seat as a Republican

2) . “There is a crisis in Queens, and it’s called AOC,” Murray told Fox News. “And instead of focusing on us, she’s focusing on being famous. Mainly rolling back progress and authoring the job-killing Green New Deal and killing the Amazon New York deal.” Murray takes jabs at AOC in an introductory video that launches her campaign.

Despite AOC's stupidity a republican taking that seat is a tall order. AOC is more likely to be primaried by another Democrat who is bound to get support from Pelosi and her ilk.

You should check out ballots in such districts in general elections, whole slew of local offices that have only Democrats running and no Republicans. 🙄

This what Saul meant by wishful thinking if Republicans were to run in such districts.

yep..Though it unlikely this woman will win (though id love it), maybe she can be persuasive and a lot of people will relate to her message. R's really need to do what AOC did and go door to door, and also work on getting people to reg to vote

@Dawnz @redwhitebluedude
NY GOP has a new leader. I will try to get in touch with him demanding that they start bringing in high caliber candidates and not clowns. I will demand that they support her campaign, never mind if it’s a Dem stronghold. If the candidate is good, then support!

@Dawnz @redwhitebluedude It's also important to remember that only 16,000 people voted in the election that AOC won. AOC may have gone door to door, but only 16000 peeps were motivated to vote. Almost no one voted for her opponent, because he never bothered to show up. It was an abysmally low turnout. Who says a bright, vibrant Jamaican woman with a good message can't get it done? Trump is opening eyes in these communities.

@Dawnz @redwhitebluedude I saw a recent segment online, where a conservative reporter went to AOC's district to ask about her, how the voters felt about her, and if they thought she was doing a good job. Most complained that she was never there, was a show-boater, was all out for herself, and someone even called her an idiot. It was good to see.

@wziminer @Dawnz
True, but you also have to consider whether these people are more pissed at AOC or at Trump.

@redwhitebluedude @Dawnz good point. I am betting they are more pissed at her for losing Amazon. some even mentioned it.

@wziminer @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude

Whenever someone says, "A Republican can't win there," just remember that Trump broke down the Blue Wall and won where everyone said he couldn't.

@ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude I see cracks everywhere, to be honest. I think we have more than a shot at some of these seats.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude Well, I have some back story on this for you. I worked social media for Bernie during the primaries and got to know a lot of the movers and shakers at the Grassroots level, but after the primary, I dropped the Dem party like a hot potato because I would not vote for Hillary.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude After the election, I still had a lot of contacts within the progressive grass roots and they were very excited about a number of initiatives. First was Our Revolution which grew out of Bernie campaign. Second was Justice Democrats which was the baby of Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 3- I can't remember the name of the third one, but I was a website that asked for progressives and they were going to fund them through the same small donation technique that had done so well for Bernie. It was a pool situation to flip seats democratically. I don't think it ever took off because the finances were a bit "confusing" and all run by Act Blue.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 4- The two big movers and shakers in the Progressive grass roots are lovely but misguided people. Don Ford popped up out of no where in CA and Lily Starling who is the child of socialist grass roots activists. The two of them fundraised and then roadtripped to visit possible progressive candidates all across the US.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 5-Remember there was a lot of networking done not only for the Bernie Campaign but also there was a HUGE community that developed around the Standing Rock protest before the election happened and the pipeline went in. There were people on the ground there from all over the nation and they developed a loose network of funding that was also used moving into the new election cycle. These people were all connected.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 6- So, they met with AOC and they liked her and decided to commit to a few things. First, they gave her financial support in the way of directing their followers to donate to her campaign along the $27 model. You can raise a ton of money that way.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 7-Then they set their national phone banking and texting network to work for her, so she didn't need an extensive boots on the ground campaign push.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 8- Then out of town activists would come in on the weekends and canvas for her door to door, focused on ethnic areas specifically. They did such an extensive job that AOC was written in in significant numbers in neighboring districts.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude 9- So you see, just like BETO, her support came from OUTSIDE her district because activists felt she was a fit for their progressive campaign. It is true, she does have quite a bit of charisma, but she doesn't have the brain to match. After her abysmal record, it is quite possible for a Republican, with the right ground game, to come in and do the same. Hope it happens because THAT would be delicious!///

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@redwhitebluedude @wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz Yes it is Red, yes it is! Thanks for the help! Here is the link to it. Someone needs to get this to the RNC so they can create the same type of platform. Not expensive at all and since they are rolling in money right now it would be well worth the effort/

@redwhitebluedude @wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz I actually realized that saying "someone" was a cop out. I just tweeted this website to Rona McDaniels and also the RNC. We need a much better digital volunteering program for this election to weed out the detritus!

@oystergirl @redwhitebluedude @wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz The problem is Rona McDaniels. Ali Alexander can easily come up with strategies like those you've suggested. There's a reason why he isn't doing stuff at RNC, though.

@oystergirl @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude I don't blame you at all. She cheated her way through the primary. What sealed it for me was watching the DNC live, seeing the Palestinian flags being waved on the floor of the convention and watching American and Israeli flags being burned outside it. I walked away for good that day. I saw the writing on the wall for that hellacious party.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude Yes, after Clinton got elected I was a-political until Bernie drew me in and even THAT has a back story. After college my friends moved to Burlington, VT and opened 3 restaurants. We often visited and every night Bernie would leave city hall and go to a local tavern and sit for an hour. If anyone needed to talk to him, he was there, having a beer and would speak to people one on one. That really impressed me, but he is good for the "small town" only.

@oystergirl @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude It would have impressed me too, at that age. Burlington is a beautiful, textbook small town New England bucolic town.

@wziminer @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude Truth is, he did a LOT for that town, but the town was almost custom made for him. I see him now as a niche politician - good for a certain area but not good for the whole. While his policies seem to work well in extremely liberal VT, they wouldn't work for the country. I see that now. Thank God for DJT!

@oystergirl @wziminer @ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude
@oystergirl I think I thank God for DJT 100xs a day,lol Im so glad to be alive at this time in history watching POTUS make the world a better place

@Dawnz @wziminer @ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude YES! I would also add a deep level of gratitude to SQV and the wonderful people who help widen our perspective and see what is truly unfolding instead of reacting like all the other cray assed lunatics out there!

@oystergirl @ThomasWic @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude Right? Best President, ever. He brings together traditional Republicans, Libertarians, Ex-Democrats, Ex-Bernie Supporters and Independents.

@ThomasWic @wziminer @Dawnz

Good point and forgot about pretrump era and Trump era that you allude to. Trump is not "Republican" in the way we think of it as in the pre Trump era. Saul also makes a point about not being into "republican" or "democrat" in that sense.

@ThomasWic @wziminer @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude

And there's the money shot "where everyone said he couldn't." He ignored them. I hope this woman does, too.

If you don't try, you'll never succeed.

@janis @ThomasWic @wziminer @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude I always believe anything is possible, but she’s definitely going to need money. And I'm sure POTUS will back her if she wants his endorsement.


Well the same defeatist attitude has been said about Maryland.

Yet look Hogan (R) managed to take the govonership and get reelected in what is a hard core Blue state.

Like the lottery ad says, "You have to pay to win."

@janis @ThomasWic @wziminer @Dawnz @redwhitebluedude

@Dawnz Donating to her would be awesome, but it’d just be money down the drain. 😞

This is always a good thing no matter their one thought Trump had a chance either...let's see if he supports her..she sounds strong, she's a New Yorker, an immigrant, and saying what a lot of New Yorkers may be thinking(not to mention most of us)'s the beginning of the second planting season...calling AOC out will rattle her cage, (pun intended) it's not like she's a well..she's not that maybe the idea is not necessarily winning... but stirring up the pot..

Our Donald has roots in New York's possible that she was encouraged to run..she's a business woman, so she can talk common sense to people whose governor is chasing away big business $ from a state that supports open borders...I think you have a point, I wouldn't exactly call this a waste of time...New York may be full of dem politicians.. but they lack common sense, so far all AOC has is a "bad new deal" and a Socialists plan to make New Yorkers poor and hungry...

@Dawnz I live in the district. it's a lost cause. Doesn't matter how great the republican is, people just vote for the (D), not because of any policies. It's funny because people here have no clue who cortes is. When I tell them she was the democrat in the race they say "oh yeah, I think i voted for her then"

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