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“Justice must be swift.”

Now you’re just being silly! 😏

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So at the end of the day, try not to be shocked when most GOP politicians vote to send more aid to ukraine. It's not because they are "muh RINOS", it's just a no brainer to do so. We've given much more to other nations to preserve alliances and we will likely give much more in the future as well. Although the benefits may not be tangible at the moment, they will come eventually. So sit back, relax and stop with the hand wringing


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@watch4thedrop A truly great and epic thread, DROP!
And yes, the thing about the money getting sent over there (or rather, the equipment WORTH that much money, and NOT stacks of cold hard cash) is what's truly misleading and gets people all riled up over nothing. It's weapons we weren't using anyway! It's not like those cluster munitions would have helped put out the fires in Maui.
(Also, an another note, thank you DROP for not buying into that other person's anti-Israel BS.)

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The death penalty ensures that the miscreant sent to his Maker has been deterred from ever taking another innocent human life.

IOW, fuck off Gascon!

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Yes, He definitely is where he needs to be.
I will keep add to the post as things improve🙏🏻
Thank you♥️

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He’s in the telemetry unit. Pneumonia in both lungs. Antibiotic and remdesivir.
3 liters oxygen stating at 94.
No restrictions for visiting.
She’s adamant for me not to go.
He’s sick😢
She will be staying with him. No one knows him better than she does. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.
For those that need to know, Peter is my best friends son. He was born with CP.
we have been friends since 9th grade.
I can hear the stress in her voice. Natural of course. We pray🙏🏻
Will keep you posted as the days pass.
Thank you so much.

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Just Monday he was so happy as we celebrated his 44 birthday.
He was admitted to hospital today with Covid.
He is very compromised.
He has pneumonia.
Waiting for an update as I’m not sure of the protocol at the moment.
I ask all of you to please say a prayer for him.
Thank you 🙏🏻

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Don't know how or when this deal will get through, I don't put much of my hope in the Bidet Administration, but hope we get some upgrades soon


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Joey Mannarino
Fetterman says he lost his ability to fully process language.

That’s really sad, but it’s also exactly why he shouldn’t be holding public office.

His job is to help make laws.

Isn’t a huge part of that understanding what your colleagues are saying?

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