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Go Gators!

"Milton" gets an Emmy nomination!
UF alumnus Stephen Root has a new credit to add to his IMDB: nominee, for his role in
@HBOs !

It's Dad's fault.
He bought a stereo when I was 7.
JBL Lancer 66 speakers, Fisher tube amplifier, and a Garrard turntable with a Shure cartridge.
I still have the Lancer 66's.
This was the song that got me.

We have the best government that money can buy....

Keep that in mind when you are voting in 2020.

I am sick as hell. Severe cold, horrible headache.

I want this as my epitaph



Ha! Of course Tebow is going with the Gators 🐊!

Steaks and corn are grilled and the beer 🍺 has been iced and ready for me to crack one!
Cheers 🍻!

The angry Norwegian who discovered my defunct blog is confused.

I'm trying to set him straight.

Ah, thank you new SQV friends that have followed me. I love this forum from the day it began. The leaders are the best of the best and provide truth, unvarnished and succinct and sometimes raw meat we avert our eyes from but the truth is raw, and this is the best place to hear it. Unprocessed.

Saturn is so beautiful that astronomers cannot resist using @NASAHubble to take yearly snapshots when it's at its closest distance to Earth. But these images are more than just beauty shots: they reveal exquisite details of the ring system & atmosphere: 

Beta O'Rourke ran for president and
all he got was this stupid t-shirt.

From my friend Dave:
"How are we suppose to have an Opiod Crisis if they are taking all the illegal stuff away from the criminals. Street corner Pharmacies are the back bone of American small business. Another case of race discrimination and not providing people who identify as minorities? You know at least they say no where else in the world is there any form of discrimination just ask the Israelis and their neighbors."


To recap:

Al-Qaeda has turned against Iran, but "al-Qaeda" in Syria is involved in elaborate kabuki that will prevent another Iraq.

Trump may be the only American political leader who would agree to this astonishing strategic deception.

After all, Trump has carried out his own strategic deception for at least 40 years. He knows that it works.

Be happy. We're going to get the world we always wanted.




Everyone needs to memorize the following facts:

The Founding Fathers COMMISSIONED a semiautomatic rifle called the Belton Flintlock. It was to be used by the Continental Army.

Therefore, when the Second Amendment was written, the Founders knew fully well that semiautomatic rifles existed and would continue to be improved.

These weapons ARE covered by the Second Amendment.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.