I told you that the whole thing is kabuki.

Kentucky Fried Chicken just opened a new franchise in the city of Idlib, currently held by AL-QAEDA.

Obviously "al-Qaeda"--now called Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)--is not al-Qaeda.

It's GCC commandos, as I've said since 2015.

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First things first; gotta beat them Tigers on Saturday night.

Here kitty


They're 16th, but they shouldn't even be in the top 25.

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It was a throwback uniform for homecoming. We usually lose when they wear


It was a great homecoming in Gainesville, too!

New AP Top 25 poll is out and OSU is tied for #3 with Georgia. Florida now #7.

Winners keep winning!🏈


It was electric in the Swamp! We had a new record 90,584 and it was loud.

I really thought Auburn was going to run the ball better than that; but the Gator defense was stout.

I wish I could go to Death Valley in Baton Rouge; because it's going to be wild on Saturday night.

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To your point, RINOs are just as bad as the Democrats in that they're only in it for the power and financial gain at our expense.

As Conservatives, we register as Republicans to vote for what we presume to be like-minded candidates; only to find we've been duped in many instances.

Unfortunately, the tribalism of Rs versus Ds frowns upon honest criticism of the actions of the Republicans in power.

Thin skin.

Did you know? Our insignia was designed in 1959 and is filled with symbolism:

The sphere represents a planet
The stars represent space
The v-shaped wing represents aeronautics
The circular orbit represents space travel

Learn more: 

Do I need to trust:
Any other cabinet member?
Anyone else in the administration?

No I don’t.

I didn’t vote for any of them.

I voted for Donald John Trump.

Trust the Trump!

The Democrats hate Trump because Trump is an extension of what we are.
And the Democrats really hate us.

Every morning is a good morning when Trump is President!!

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From only a few hundred miles up, you can see an entire state. The human footprint fades and the blue, and turquoise waters around Florida draw you in. Here is where we will launch ourselves to the Moon during #Artemis, as we continue to explore the mysteries of our universe.

Our President is under constant attack. Please keep him in prayer.


They weren't so bad in the spring; but they are terrible here in the fall.



This pattern was designed to keep people from running in the

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.