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Unfortunately, we have a strict policy regarding four legged brutes.




As I've explained to my feline numerous times, jibberish from walking back and forth on the keyboard is NOT toot-worthy.

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I have actually tooted some of my kitty walking on the keyboard chatter. 🀣

@Debradelai @Dawnz

@JM @David_Motley @Debradelai

rofl, my doxie Jasmine has made a few toots..not sure but i translated it and i think she asked if anyone here had any "chewys" for her..her mommy wouldnt give her any,lol


πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ my kitties are saying, me, me, pay attention to me!

@David_Motley @Debradelai


It is true, if not walking on the keyboard they sit on the mouse. Or they reach out and smack me...πŸ˜‚


@Dawnz @JM @David_Motley

Speaking of chewing, her presence on my keyboard was a demand for food.

Kind of: Let go off that keyboard, galoot, and FEED me.

Having done so, she is now sleeping by my side.


😾The feline demand for food is impossible to ignore. After fed, sleepy time, prrrrr.....

@Dawnz @David_Motley

@JM @Dawnz @David_Motley

And here's the other one in her new favorite spot.

Seeing that my two bitches are our of commission for a while, I think I'll go work in the garden.

@Debradelai @JM @Dawnz @David_Motley

We had a Toy Poodle named Gigi for 18 years. She WAS the family dog. So funny too. That poodle had a mind of her own.


I like your cat and dog but I am intrigued with the barrister bookcases and books.
@JM @Dawnz @David_Motley

@Sarah_Roberts @JM @Dawnz @David_Motley

Almost every wall in every room of the house.

Plus a crapload in storage. Building a new 24x12 room to add to the library...


Oh my, you do have a lot of books! There is nothing better than to sit down with a book in your hand and cup coffee or beverage of your choice. πŸ“š πŸ“š

@JM @Dawnz @David_Motley

@EngOnDemand @JM @David_Motley @Debradelai

I felt that way when I lost my 2 Sharpai's (they were stolen)..i felt like you do, I refused to get another dog ever again. Years later,i found my doxi Jasmine. Just one look and i knew we belonged together.My only regret is i waited so long to allow another dog in my life.I had blocked out how much joy and love our pets bring us.


A loss of a pet, is a loss of a family member. πŸ˜₯ I have lost both dogs and cats, cannot imagine my life without none.

@EngOnDemand @David_Motley @Debradelai

@EngOnDemand @JM @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz

It is gut wrenching when we loose our furkid, but nothing mends the broken heart faster then the love and affection of another. πŸ’• especially if you can save one from a shelter! 🐾 πŸ’•

@Phokencougie @Barb @EngOnDemand @JM @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz Oh, I'm always up for showing off my babies. Here’s Ginger (lab) and Gabby (lab/wired-hair pointer mix):


🀣That is precious, beautiful pups...πŸ’—


Beautiful dogs πŸ’— I had a tuxedo black and white kitty named Gabbe. Named her at six wks. man was she a talker...πŸ˜‚

@Phokencougie @EngOnDemand @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz

@JM @Barb @umad80 @Phokencougie @EngOnDemand @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz I had a tuxedo cat named Scooter. He was over 20 yrs old when we had to put him down. He was a talker also.

@Barb @Phokencougie @EngOnDemand @JM @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz My girls hate baths but will jump and play in the stream behind the house. πŸ˜‚

@umad80 @Phokencougie @EngOnDemand @JM @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz

I'm thinking about getting Bailey a little kiddie pool, she loves water. When it starts raining she goes crazy to go outside and jump around on her back feet to catch rain drops...she's nuts! 🀣

@Barb @Phokencougie @EngOnDemand @JM @David_Motley @Debradelai @Dawnz Gabby does that but Ginger is like, ”Are you nuts!?”

Gabby also likes the snow. We have to force her to come in. πŸ˜‚ But then she looks like this:

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