Star light, star bright; can't wait to see a launch tonight!

Clear skies across central Florida; so I'll see the launch from my vantage point.

That was another awesome sight.

So clear that I could see the booster separation, too. I've been able to see the last two night launches with the naked eye, while watching the live stream.

Not quite as impressive as the Saturn IV launches I witnessed as a child; but cool nonetheless.👍🚀


Where did you watch from? Was beautiful here in Vero Beach. Booster trail was about 3” long until separation


You're closer than me. I'm on the West Coast near St Pete Beach; but such a clear night it was easy to see.


A buddy of mine went up to the Cape to watch the launch. When/if he posts pictures I’ll add them here

@Chris @David_Motley

Sorry I missed it. We can see all the launches at the beach in Jax. Don't get to see the first 15 seconds.

I was there for the first launch of the Heavy with the Tesla payload to Mars. To me the most impressive was the return of the two boosters side by side.

@RonOgletree @David_Motley

I’m sure that would be amazing to see! From here all we can see of the boosters is when they’re burning to reposition for return. I’m definitely going to the Cape for the next launch. It’s just a little over an hour from me.

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