1. I really don't think anyone is really taking me seriously (except for you a few others) about how bad the situation is in California about the AB5 bill. You can't hire a landscaper, a tutor, a nanny, and offices can't hire independent contractors. Musical theatre and opera companies had begun stopping operations and writers/photographers stopped getting work. No-one is understanding this, or maybe I'm not writing the right things.


2. No more music festivals, events, wedding shoots, orchestras. Not only has this driven hard core leftists to the right, but hard core leftists IN OTHER STATES who also FREELANCE. We are talking about MA, NY, NJ -- LEFTISTS. They are freaking out and realizing that if Biden gets in, NO-ONE WILL EVER FREELANCE AGAIN. Biden said he will be the strongest labor president EVER.


3. Not only is there the Pro Act, which was just passed to ban freelancers through the HOUSE, there was a second bill introduced in the Senate a few days ago to ban freelancers and push EVERYONE INTO A UNION. The 56 MILLION FREELANCERS NOW GET IT. They have no choice to but to get it.


@Lisa22 @timr

I make my living as a freelancer, so I've been paying close attention to it. The company I contract for has at least one writer in CA, probably more. I'm not sure how they're making things work out. But the whole mess is just terrible. By wanting freelancers to receive better treatment, they're killing off freelance gigs. Perfect example of a road to hell paved with good intentions.

CA is just a giant train wreck.

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