Just checked the Sportsbet market for the US election.
Biden $1.52
Trump $2.63
These are returns for $1.00 invested.
Looks like even Ladbrokes Sports bet follows CNN, WaPo, MSNBC etc.

This reveal has basically pulled the Leadership rug out from under the popular Premier. Apparently the relationship was only ended in August this year. At the time the relationship blossomed McGuire was a married man.
The ICAC Commission heard phone intercepts this morning which put the harsh glare of the spotlights on the Premiers judgement, considering McGuire was first interviewed in 2017.
Gladys' Premiership is in very deep doo-doo.

Meanwhile in Australia,,,,, the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, before the Independent Commission Against Corruption ( ICAC ) is being questioned over her relationship with an ex-member of State Parliament Liberal (Conservative (( it is Austr.)) ) who is being investigated for possible corruption.
The BIG Gobsmacking reveal is that Gladys was having an affair (completely unknown to Anyone) with Darryl McGuire, the State member for Wagga Wagga in the NSW Riverina district.

placed in Quarantine Hotels.
The decision led to private contractors using 'Security Guards' who were given only 5 minutes of instructions on their duties, if any instruction at all.
According to some in quarantine, the Guards allowed those detained to virtually move freely and mingle with anyone they chose to, on virtually every floor of the hotels.
There are reports of Guards actually having sex with detainees.
But it was all NOBODY'S FAULT.

From the State of Victoria (Australia's Mexico) The Inquiry into the Hotel Quarantine fiasco that directly lead to the deaths of 768 people and 18,000 people being diagnosed with Covid 19 has finished up.
After many Gov witnesses, and many health professionals employed by the Victorian Gov spent many hours giving testimonies and answering questions, NO ONE has been found to have made the fateful decision to use Private Contractors instead of police or military to guard people 1/2

It's been 2 years, yesterday that we lost our bestest mate to the Tiger Snake, and today the Bride and I will spread his ashes around the property here so he's always with us.
I'm glad we saved them for here and didn't leave him behind where he passed across to the Rainbow Bridge.
The big black fella was my best boy.

Meanwhile in Australia,,,, this poor silly old bastard is building a Cactus garden. The age old FFS has been used vociferously at this stage of the program,,,

Matilda, played on a gumleaf,
Can set your heart aglow.
And again they'll sing,
From the kiss of a stocktake lip,
When the gum trees let them go.


Gum Leaves.

It's a joy to watch the gumleaves fall,
When the gum trees let them go.
Their important work is over now,
And they drift to the earth below.

They've helped create the nourishment
That's allowed these trees to grow.
They've resisted wind and weather,
And hung on, in the cold and in the snow.

They've given shade, on hot dry days
To the drover camped below.
They've given shelter to our native birds,
Lorikeet, Galah, Kookaburra, Crow.

Apparently homes in the nearby vicinity have been evacuated over the concerns regarding the unidentified substance found.

No information at this time as to how much of the suspicious substance has been found. Hazmat Units on standby. No word on whether Bomb Squad has been called for.

Ongoing investigation in Bathurst NSW. One man has been arrested and in custody after multiple agency raid on a premises. Man will be charged with firearms and drug charges after a tip-off by US authorities discovered an importation ring operating out of US, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany.
Weapons parts and drug-making paraphernalia have been seized from a Granny-flat at the rear of premises.
Hazmat Units on stand-by after unidentified substance also found.Operation began 6hrs ago.

News now saying the Bathurst situation is a highly planned investigation apparently involving 'Chemicals'.
Possibly Bomb-making chemicals, being surmised at because of US DHS involvement along with Aust Border Force. Possible Terrorism investigation. Situation still evolving.

Just hearing on radio news, a policing investigation occurring in Bathurst NSW, ( where we lived until last Dec.) In vestigators include Police, Aust Border Force, And US Homeland Security. No details at this time except that a large area in South Bathust has been closed to the public.
Further details as they emerge.

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Hehehe,,, never ends Down Here,,, just got invited to go fossicking for Labradorite, near the town of Springsure, about 2hr drive. They've also invited a female friend who had a Melanoma removed from the top of her head leaving a distinct hole.
Girls being girls, and Australians to boot, they've nicknamed her 'Flipper'.

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