This was the wattle tree (Acacia sp.) across the corner from us that the local council came, cut down and shredded, because it was right on the corner of the streets. I was livid because it wasn't restricting driver vision. But 7 workers, 2 trucks and 2 pick-ups totally removed it. Bastards.

Cooling down for Winter now here in the Central Queensland Gemfields while you Northern Hemisphereans are getting through Spring changes. Fast becoming a basketcase down here with a mostly sleeping population still unaware of the problems surfacing at home and abroad.
My Bride is now fitter than I am after her year from hell. Cancer has almost gone from her sub-conscious even as she is leaping back to full fitness. Thank you all for prayers and well wishes.

G'day from Down Under,,, is QV up and operational today??

G'day Earl,,, and all of you lovely Quods joining me in this Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,,,,

I'll check back in over the next couple of days,,, please take care of yourself and God Bless as always,,,,,,

Good morning World, how are ya?
I sincerely wish to say thank you to all of the beautiful people in here for their best wishes and prayers for my beautiful Bride's return to health. You are all so kind. Thank you all so much.

They shall grow not old
As we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest we forget.

G'day Jaime,,, hope all is well in your family and American life.
Ups and downs here toward the bottom of the planet. Grace is going through highs and lows each day. We had a big week last week with the amount of travelling and tests and spent a lot of the weekend recuperating inside in the aircon. Another hot one today so jobs outside done early.
Expecting a ph call from the oncologist today if he can squeeze it in. His 1st day back from a break so he will be busy.
But ya gotta love Australia.

Be back soon. Have to walk the yard with G to decide on a lot of felled deadwood from yesterday.

Her ownership of these plants really warms my heart because once you take ownership, your level of caring makes them respond in giving a better display in return.

I can see you there @Lisa22, you brought a smile to my dial,, thank you Lovely, hope all is well for you.

Personally, I think there is a lot more happening behind the Daniel Andrews 'no show' story, however there are not too many in the MSM asking many questions.
Andrews, leading the response to the Covid thing, is ultimately responsible for many bungles that have cost too many Victorians their lives.
Andres and his Victorian Gov cronies are Hard Left in their political Party and hold power via very strong support from the inner-city Green latte sippers in Melbourne.

Meanwhile in Australia, the Federal Gov yesterday announced the Victorian State Gov contract with China's Belt and Road Initiative, had been torn up and scrapped.
Several other contracts between States and overseas Corporations had been torn up as well.
Daniel Andrews, the Victorian Premier has not been seen in public (or elsewhere for that matter) since being hospitalised earlier this year after a reported fall down stairs at his home in Melbourne.
Make of that what you will,,,,,,,

For Heaven's sake,,,,, they jus tf don't get it,,,,
Those particular colours Never work together,,,,

Funny, can find many news headlines regarding the HMAS Sydney crew, but the articles themselves have been scrubbed.
Make what you will of that.

Australia's Health Minister, Greg Hunt was in hospital, less than 24 hrs after receiving the Covid vaccine. It is reported he was placed in ICU.
Another report, I've yet to confirm, is stating HMAS Sydney has 80% of its crew I'll after being given the Astra Seneca vaccine, with 8 sailors in the ships ICU.
Digging now to confirm or reject.

Internet is crap here today in the Hunter Valley NSW,,,, grrr,,,

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Well, now that Mike Lindell's release is out in the open, and being censored on so many platforms, who is going to see it?
The Google and Utube actions to suppress that info will not necessarily stop Patriots and Conservatives, because we are looking for everything/anything to confirm the knowing we already have.
The Lefties and sheeple will find it a little more difficult, so they won't bother, because of laziness and who really cares anyway. Biden's been sworn in so let's get back to normal.

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