(1) So the latest in Peru. The martial law lock down continues to tighten up. What started out as a simple restrictions on public movements went next to imposed curfew from 8 pm to 5 am.

This next moved to a 6 pm to 5 am curfew. Next came alternating days for the 3 allowed reason to leave ones home, food, medical and finacial. Initial they considered doing even odd last number of national ID card but decided to do it gender based.

(2) 22 days ago there was increased presence of National Police, followed by NP manned checkpoints.
Next the NP at checkpoints were replace with army and navy military.
Then just yesterday I observed an army platoon march down the center of a major avenue just a block from where I live.
Now today the major market I shop at with lines to enter 4 blocks long I see that all the regular army and navy personnel have been replaced with a large group from a different regiment.

(3) So gone are the NP, the regular army and navy people who were armed with bean bag rifles, AKM's and M14's to a new regiment sporting a Stryker armored personnel carrier and all carrying the bullpup SKS, more suited to urban encounters.

Here's a little video from my day out shopping.


(4) Still waiting on the video to finish uploading here's one photo

@masterblaster The bunch in the Stryker are indeed marines. The squad armed with bullpup SKS I didn't get close enough to make out their unit insignia.

Didn't want to lose my place in line.

I thought the ACAV shield over the driver’s box was interesting

@masterblaster As if understanding the politics here wasn't difficult enough. It's my new hobby learning the different service regiments here and the interaction between police and military

@DaveB_MD This would be frightening to me..They "patrol" people like this who are just grocery shopping?And the size of the lines..wow!I thought the lines here were long!!

@Dawnz @DaveB_MD Hillary Clinton must be seething with anger that she's not able to do this in the US. Thank. You. God!

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