What do you think, is this one better? I might have jumped the gun posting the first one.

So when POTUS talks about the USA decoupling from China, he's just being polite and giving investors a warning to cash in their chips because he's going to nuke, the yuan, make chinese debt bonds radioactive and remove the ace of hearts from the bottom of their monetary house of cards

Trumps push to get Chinese NYSE traded companies removed from NYSE and hence from american finacial markets for failure to adhere to Sarbenes-Oxley Act requirements, is also a stroke of genius.

POTUS gave China every opportunity to trade fairly only to see the renege on every front so he's started to reciprocate.

Next up HK losing it's preferential finacial status due to the latest legislative fiasco there.

The losers? CCP and investors slow to divest.

If anyone wonders why, since the Wuhan virus outbreak, China has been on a massive propaganda campaign just look at the small cracks starting to form in their finacials.
Today they set the stage to default on $96 billion bond debt by ruling that keepwell guarantees are subject to restructuring.
They know a wave of international investment funds dumping Chinese debt is coming.
By divesting china debt holdings in military pensions POTUS pulled out the stopper holding back the flood of divestments.

I hear all of you, just the sheer vicious brutality buttered with wholesale ignorance is in simlitude to Chernobyl fuel rods in their last few seconds of normality.

So is it just the fact that I'm an expat living in Peru or has the political vitriol back in my USA degenerated to lows I could never have imagined.

It's to the point I just stopped opening my twitter fed and using my VPN to get USA TV.

Not to mention China has their online propaganda machine turned up to full volume.

The hysteria makes me feel like I stepped into an insane asylum.

So recently a bishop on Trumps side of the chessboard was put into play.

In a stellar move that requires no confirmation oversight Ezra Cohen's was named deputy assistant to the secretary of Defense for counter-narcotics and global threats.

He was General Flynns DI and has ties to Nunes and Rand Paul.

His 2010 to 2014 work on countering drug trafficking, money laundering and human trafficking networks leads me to believe shit is going to get real for DS folks.

For spanish readers.

Here is the link to Peru Government web page with the published Resolution and the Annex document with the treatment info on page 16.


(Appendix) The discussion was on the release of another study as the the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine treatment.

Here's the screenshot of the page in Peru's decree concerning COVID and treatment.

(8) • Quinn Lorenz David E Barrett can't laugh enough at your snops link.
• David E Barrett So typical, when you lose the battle you go straight to insults.

Preaching is like throwing rocks at a pack of dog's, you know which one you hit by the yelp.
Have a nice life.

TDS It really is a mental illness with folks.


(7) • Quinn Lorenz The internet's said so. You so smart.
• Quinn Lorenz Hajajajaj. Idiot says nothi g correct.
• Quinn Lorenz David E Barrett it's as if you don't understand how biznus works ..
• Quinn Lorenz No way would Trump ever take advantage of his position. Never in a million years. Nope.
• Quinn Lorenz Hajajajjaja idiot.
• Quinn Lorenz You just used Snopes. Really? Hajajajajajaj
• Quinn Lorenz David E Barrett it's as if you don't get it. Alas, you have no clue

(6) What's False
Trump’s financial stake in these companies is virtually negligible — contained indirectly via mutual funds — and administered through three family trusts he does not control. As a generic drug, hydroxychloroquine is unlikely to provide any one company with significant profits compared to other proprietary drugs.

Does Trump Benefit Financially by Promoting Hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 Treatment?

(5) Just in case your TDS induced bias prevents you from checking Snopes Here's their excerpt.

What's True
U.S. President Donald Trump earns some income from three family trusts that are administered independently by J.P. Morgan, an investment bank and wealth-management firm. These trusts are in part invested in mutual funds that themselves are partially invested in companies that produce hydroxychloroquine.

(4) • David E Barrett Quinn Lorenz You also crack me up using a 3 week old liberal talking point that all the liberal talking heads abandoned 2 weeks ago because it was over inflated. Imagine that. Best get up to speed there buckey.
• Quinn Lorenz David E Barrett I'm sure you're exactly correct about everything..
• David E Barrett Since you all love Snopes so much go here to see what they have to say about his stock being the reason he pushed it.


(3) On page 16 "Specific Treatments For COVID-19.
I attached a screenshot of the pertinent page, but if you are still in denial I'll be happy to send you the PDF of the resolution and it's treatment Appendix.

See here in Peru it's not a political issue. It works so and saves lives which is all folks in Peru care about.

If you want to let your political bias keep you from living I guess that makes you the tool

(2) David E Barrett Plus it's the mandated treatment in Peru by official decree and has been from almost the onset.
• Quinn Lorenz David E Barrett nope. Just no.
• Quinn Lorenz Trump pushed this crap because he has stock. Keep following the leader , tool
• David E Barrett Quinn Lorenz Afraid so. Peru Resolution Ministerial N 20-032517-001 April 13th 2020. Technical Document Appendix Prevention, Diagnostics and treatment of people infected with COVID-19 in Peru.

(1) TDS really is an amazing phenomenon. Here's a typical exchange with one such afflicted.

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