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Iran's latest COVID-19 stats
4,777 deaths
76,389 cases

Opposition MEK: over 28,200 deaths


Iran prisons update: Coronavirus spreading, inmates’ contact cut off


BREAKING: Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones just endorsed President Trump for a second term.

He said that he views Trump as a "transformative figure who has helped African-American voters, military vets, and farmers with his policies."

Incredible! twitter.com/RyanAFournier/stat

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Your periodic reminder that the mullahs' leader has not approved even a dime of Iran's National Development Fund to fight the country's coronavirus crisis.

However, he immediately approved 200 million euros from this Fund for the terrorist IRGC Quds Force.


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Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Under President Trump’s leadership, the federal gov’t delivered:

✅ 11.6 MILLION N95 respirator masks
✅ 26 MILLION surgical masks
✅ 5.3 MILLION face shields
✅ 4.4 MILLION gowns
✅ 22 MILLION gloves
✅ 8,100 ventilators +1K in 48 hours


Officials in hazmat suits caught out lying to isolating residents in flats in London about someone dying of Coronavirus? twitter.com/Bollocks_Dogz/stat

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It was quite interesting to see NYT, WaPo & USA TODAY run fake news articles parroting Iran's talking points about U.S. sanctions.

My latest blog digs into the truth and debunks their claims.


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Xi is the source of the panic.

See my latest column “What the Political Scene in China Says about the Coronavirus”


"The crisis inflated by the Beijing elite was the result of an ideological confrontation among the Chinese factions, which clashed over some of the nuances of Marxist dogma."

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Jon McNaughton's latest painting is awesome.

Can you name all the characters?

"The Impeachment Mob"

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Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell , one of the most important figures to emerge in the American legal community in decades, addresses Hillsdale in an important speech.

It's frightening how bad things have become in the DOJ/FBI. Powell notes that the rot started 20 years ago.

BTW wait until you hear how much Holder's scumbags at Covington charged Gen Flynn. $3 million + !



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COVID - the Beijing regime knew as far back as early November. Let that sink in.

Early NOVEMBER 2019.

And they did NOTHING.

Be in no doubt. In the real world, Xi and his goons are going to pay dearly for what they have done.

Trump will tear them a new one. Watch - China will be excised from global markets within 2 years max. They can't come back from this.

As for China's role in the US economy? Xi just nuked it.

Watch, learn etc.


🧐 Operation COVID-19. New York Army National Guard: Friday 13, March 2020 youtube.com/watch?v=_1GaR0iDIK

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The thing to do is to ignore the press entirely.

One sentence in this article negates everything we're being told.


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Zarif claims Iran's fight against coronavirus is "stymied by vast shortages caused by restrictions..."

Here's the truth:
The regime is keeping hygiene products in warehouses to claim shortages, request financial aid & then use the money for terrorism.

Harvey Weinstein is rushed to hospital with 'chest pains' just hours after getting 23 YEARS in prison - as his attorney says sentence means he 'won't see the light of day' dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8

Unsealed documents reveal Harvey Weinstein planned to open a SEX ADDICTION CENTER in a bid to revive his image and wanted the facility to be run by women who could 'explain their experiences and talk to men dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8'

European Parliament vote: "Waiver of Guy Verhofstadt immunity" He called the Polish patriots in 2017: fascists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
The media silence on the vote today....commonsensetv.nl/en/stemming-e

Harvey Weinstein 'is being treated for concussion after falling and hitting his head' at Rikers prison where he is 'living in a dorm-style cell with two other inmates' dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8

Tensions rise on Greek side of border with Turkey as migrants remain stranded youtube.com/watch?v=fcK4LdZK-W

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Ukraine is the least of Romney's troubles.

Here's a 2012 piece. Romney doing business in China. So what was he up to before and especially after 3012?

Follow the $$$ folks. The good news? Trump has had this crook line up for a long time. Mittens is in far greater trouble than most understand.


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